Tuesday, January 22, 2008

4 Nutrition Tip #7: Some Useful Articles on Running & Eating ;-)


Cymrusteve & I were recently chatting about eating & weight management & how it affects a runner's performance, over at his blog. So, as I was looking through Runner's World, trying to help him find the article he'd mentioned, I came across other useful articles about related matters, & thought I'd post them here for people who are interested:

The Runner's Diet (Learn how to eat the right foods at the right time)

He Eats, She Eats (How gender affects eating & nutritional needs for runners)


Tim Wilson said...

Thanks for the articles!

Always looking for good articles on weight loss and running!

cymrusteve said...

Yeah, two great articles. This one's a good one too on losing belly fat:



cyberpenguin said...

Thanks Tim & Steve!

And thanks for the article, Steve! What's the last little bit of the article? (The URL got cut off; Blogger's comment display feature sure needs some work! ;-) )


Abimars said...

thanks for the articles

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