Wednesday, January 2, 2008

3 Six Degrees of Separation... For Runners


Just wanted to give a shoutout to my friend, Marcy, who used to run with me several years ago when we were just kids. We still keep in touch, & it's nice to see that she's followed in the foot steps of her mother, who is also a writer/editor working in the media. Her mom is the editor & publisher of the Runner's Gazette, & coincidentally, also used to be the president of the RRCA. Isn't that just so COOL?!!!!!

I can't believe that at one point I actually KNEW the President of the RRCA?! Wow!

Do you happen to know anyone "famous" in the world of running or sports that you can't believe you actually know? Perhaps a famous runner, athlete, or other sports figure? If so, I'd love to hear about it!

It's a small world after all, eh?


Marcus Grimm said...

Well, here's a small one... I read your post and clicked on the Runner's Gazette link. The guy currently pictured on their home page carrying the flag (Gregk Kerek) is from my town. I've seen him carry the flag at many races. Even crazier - he lives a few blocks from our office and I've often seen him running by from my office window. :)

cyberpenguin said...

What an amazing coincidence! Thanks for sharing this, Marcus!

cymrusteve said...

Small world indeed! I know the current President of the RRCA - Bee Andrews

Bee was the President of my local running club, the Tidewater Striders.

Can't think of anyone else at the moment...


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