Thursday, January 24, 2008

5 Spirit Of The Marathon Movie Is Tonight! + Tickets for Encore Presentation Go On Sale Tomorrow!


Tonight, Erik & I are going to see Spirit of the Marathon. I know that many of you have already got your tickets & are very excited to see this film (Cymrusteve, Eric G., Bill/tbtgwacmtt, Blaine Moore, Tim Wilson, etc.). Many people have mentioned to me that they are going with their running clubs, which should make tonight's showing extra fun! I bet the entire theater will be filled with runners! ;-)

If you weren't able to make today's showing or tickets are now sold for the showings in your area, don't fret: You now have a second chance to view the film in a theater near you.

While the film was originally billed as a "one-day-only" movie premiere, a second, encore presentation -- scheduled for Feburary 21st at 7:30 pm -- has been added, due to popular demand. Tickets for this event will go on sale, starting tomorrow, January 25th, for this second showing. Click here, here and here to view the latest event details & theater/ticket information.

Again, if you want to catch this highly popular film, I'd strongly advise that you get your tickets in advance. To purchase tickets online, just visit, MovieFone, or, or other online ticket vendors. Good luck getting tickets!

For those of you going to see the film tonight, hope you enjoy the movie!

Like other blogger-pals, I'm sure I won't be the only one blogging about my impressions of the movie later tonight. ;-)


cymrusteve said...

I didn't realize they were going to do an encore. I guess demand for tonight's tickets was higher than they anticipated.

Enjoy the movie everyone...


PKPWV said...

Hey Corey,

Thanks for adding me as a Blog catalog friend! Glad to meet another avid crazy runner!!


Jim said...

Hi Corey:

I've seen multiple blogs today that posted about the Spirit of the Marathon movie...I wonder how much money it'll end up taking in?

Hey, thanks for joining the neighborhood for my blog...I'm honored. ;-)


Erik Moore, Attorney at Law said...

I am an avid runner in Kansas City, Missouri, though I am training for my first marathon this winter. I went to see Spirit of the Marathon last night. It was inspiring and made me want to get back out and run this morning. I would be curious to know what a "non-runner," or a more casual runner, thought of it.

Abimars said...

I hope it comes to the UK

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