Sunday, January 13, 2008

2 Weigh-In: Only Good News Today!


What could possibly follow such a lengthy post about change & growth, but a weigh-in! Hahahahaha!

Well, I'm all for personal growth, just as long as we're talking about the expansion of one's mind, & not of my waistline! ;-)

Well, as expected, my body fat percentage dropped a bit after yesterday's hour-long run. Yes, even after the full-course home-cooked Indian meal I made last night for our little social get-together. [I cooked a lot of vegetable-oriented dishes with a few protein staples like chicken curry & Empress daal (a lentil dish). If you're curious to see the dinner menu, check out this post from my foodie blog.]

Anyhow, my weight also stayed exactly the same, which is perfectly fine by me. Now I've only got a mere 11 pounds left to lose. After my previous weight loss accomplishments (I've now lost a total of 24 pounds since July! Yea!), it seems like nothing to lose!

In contrast, my BF% goals are a bit more challenging, as I've still got a ways to go on that front. But I'm working on it!

Everyone, thanks again for all of your comments & support! You are really incredible!



Eric Gervase said...

24 pounds... I think that's the first I've seen any mention of how much total weight you've lost. That's fantastic.

It looks like you are a pound ahead of me to reach your goal weight. You have 11 to lose, I have 12. Awesome... we're so close.

cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, Eric! Wow, that's pretty incredible that we're both got practically the same exact amount of weight left to lose! And you even ran a marathon while trying to lose the weight. Wow.

Regarding the total weight loss, the only time you'll usually see me mentioning it is when it's time for me to do a "goal review," where I assess not only my weight goals but of course my fitness & nutrition goals as well. (If you like, you can click on that topic the index/category section to see what I'm talking about here.) I don't like to focus on the past when it comes to this topic, so I usually only mention the weight loss as a means of making sure I'm on target with my goals. ;-)

You'll also probably notice that I don't ever reveal my weight or my BF percentage either. Guess we all have our own silent struggles about what we feel comfortable discussing, both with friends & with the public at large! ;-)

Thanks for all of your comments & support!

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