Friday, February 29, 2008

2 What's Your Opinion of The "Health & Wellness Blog"?


Speaking of health (or lack thereof), I should probably mention a wellness blog I recently found, which will very likely be of some interest to you:

Health & Wellness Blog

I'm curious to hear your opinions on this blog. Do you think that it offers sound advice, based in facts & solid research? Am curious to hear what health professionals would make of this site as well.....


Also, I'd like to share with you an article I found on TEF (the thermic effect of food), which is, if you don't know already, a very hot topic right now in the worlds of nutrition & wellness:

Ultrawellness Blog Post on TEF

The above site appears to be authored by, to quote the blog/site directly, a "respected medical consultant, New York Times -bestselling author, lecturer, and practicing physician Mark A. Hyman, M.D., ...a leader in the emerging field of functional medicine."

Just to be on the safe side, I'd still recommend practicing a healthy dose of skepticism when it comes to authorship of websites. ;-) Guess I'm always suspect about a person's motivations when I know that they're also trying to sell me a product in the same breath. ;-)

Anyhow, back to the subject, TEF. As you may recall, I've talked about this topic several times before on this blog. While I don't claim to be an expert on the topic, I have done a lot of reading about TEF & have previously attended lectures from well-respected health professionals at Canyon Ranch on the subject. So I do atleast have some idea of what I'm talking about. ;-)

I definitely think the topic merits further investigation & discussion, is worth bringing to the attention of a larger audience.

Anyhow, enough about this. I'm curious to hear what you think. So, after reading the above-referenced articles/materials, please let me know your opinions of the articles/sites posted on these aforementioned wellness blogs. So comment away!

5 Weigh-In: More Rest and Some Weight Gain


Hi All,

Just checking in for a quick "Hello!" Hope you are all doing well!

Not much to report on the running front, as I haven't exactly been doing much of that lately!;-) The lungs are still giving me a run for my money & am still struggling to get better. And since the last running effort seemed to make things feel worse & not better, I'm resolved to take the advice of many of my fellow runner-bloggers (Abi, Steve, Eric G., Blaine, Tim, Dave G., et al) & not run until I'm physically/mentally ready & feel 100% better. Will probably go for a walk at some point, but right now it's my prerogative to milk the rest period for all it's worth!

Weighed myself a few days ago (i.e., around 4 days ago or so) & not surprisingly, all the weight I lost during my sickness has, of course, returned, & then some. Using the figures from my last weigh-in on 2/3/08, I've gained about 4.4 lbs. Yikes! Thankfully, my BF% hasn't skyrocketed along with that, which is, of course, the good news. It's still relatively low. Only up by a mere 0.6%, which is a bright spot in this otherwise "cloudy day" of a report. ;-)

I'm still well within a healthy weight according to the usual standard height & weight charts, but it's still no picnic. OK, bad choice of analogies there. ;-) Nonetheless, you get my point.

I'm going to put a stop to the weight gain & have made up my mind to nip that little issue in the bud before it gets out of control. All the same, I have to cut myself some slack because I've been sick for weeks, and haven't exactly had a lot of energy for moving. (Well, now that's an understatement. Actually, I feel like a two-toed sloth or a slimy, slow-moving little slug. But enough dramatizations, let's get down to business.....)

Still, I can't continue in this direction, because it'll ultimately be my un-doing.

Am eating mostly healthy foods, but of course, it's the lack of moving that's killing my weight maintenance. Am finding that it's been helping to drink lots of fluids, & eat fibrous foods (i.e., lots of veggies!) to fill up faster. That way, I don't reach for the sugary or carb-laden snacks as much. For some reason, I've been craving steamed vegetables (i.e., cauliflower, steamed cabbage, etc.) a lot lately. Been gravitating mostly towards steamed versus raw veggies because, when sickness ravages your throat & lungs, it's easier to eat/digest the steamed stuff. Goes down more easily.

All in all, am finding that it can certainly be a challenge when the appetite returns but the energy doesn't! ;-) Not that I magically expect the energy levels to return all on their own, but I'm going to do my best to try not eat more than I can burn off. Or atleast if I'm not yet able to run, then I'll need to make an effort to walk, move, or do something to get going again. It's not so much of a problem with inertia or motivation per se, it's actually my lungs, which are still not clear. I've still got a cold & a little bit of a cough I'm try to beat as well. If these issues don't get better by next week, I'm going to go to the doctor, to see what can be done about it. In the meanwhile, I've formulated a "plan of attack," which consists of trying to garner my strength & fortify my immune system. In addition to just "taking it easy," have started up with the battery of vitamins & Airborne again, so hopefully that -- combined with rest, lots of fluids, and healthy/nutritious foods -- will do the trick. Am absolutely sick of being sick! ;-) Can't wait to feel better, & am excited for the spring weather to arrive!

Monday, February 18, 2008

10 My First Run in Almost 2 Weeks!


It was certainly a very windy & chilly 59 degrees indeed for my first run in 13 days (i.e., my first run since recovering from bronchitis or whatever sort of upper respiratory illness I had). Now that I'm back at the house writing this, I see that the outside temperature has since dropped a few degrees to 56 degrees; so while it was apparently 59 degrees when I left the house for my run, the temperature might've actually been slightly colder during the actual run. It certainly felt like it!

Using the "dress-20-degrees-warmer" rule, I dressed in only a long-sleeved shirt & tights. However, after several very chilly laps, I'd begun to wish that I'd brought a jacket!

I had an OK run today, which began at 2:32 pm today. I did a total of 4 laps (2.96 miles) in 39:53 minutes (or a rather glacial pace of 13:28 minutes-per-mile), which very well might've been the slowest time I'd ever run for that distance! Frankly, I wasn't trying to break any world records today ;-), the goal was just to finish my run; I was originally aiming for 30 consecutive minutes of running. I thought that was an admirable goal, especially given my recent state of health (or perhaps I should say, lack thereof! ;-) ).

As could be expected, my energy wasn't the highest, but neither was it was low either. I managed to chug along as best I could. Despite the weakened state of my lungs, I managed to rally & put in a decent effort.

I only had one major difficulty: After about lap 2, I felt a shooting pain up the side of my right leg, from the glut muscle down to the backside of the leg. Now before any of you start in with the admonitions about running while in pain, I'd like to state for the record that it wasn't the same type of sharp pain that normally indicates injury (otherwise I would've stopped running!); it was more of an overall soreness and dull aching throb, which was probably the accumulated result of a sheer absence of exercise (for the past two weeks)! As most of you who follow this blog with some regularity already realize, I've got enough common sense to listen to my body very carefully & heed its signs, and would certainly stop running should there be something seriously wrong. At the same token, I'm not a wimp either, and am not going to use an unsatisfactory reason such as this as an excuse to prematurely end my run for the day. I don't throw in the towel that easily. ;-)

While I didn't let a little soreness & pain stop me from running, it was certainly a really bizarre feeling, because I'd warmed up with a 5-minute walk & stretching and so, hadn't expected this at all. Maybe that was a bit naive of me to think that, but nonetheless, I found it hard to believe that being "out of commission" for as little as two weeks could have that sort of effect. Guess I'd hoped that I was physically a bit tougher than that, & that it'd take a bit more than just 2 weeks of illness & non-exercise before feeling that kind of soreness again so soon!

Given my past history & recent illness, I thought that my knees and lungs would be my greatest challenge today, but what a surprise! If anything, they actually felt pretty good, considering. Makes me wonder how quickly I can get back to my BTHR program.

I think that for now, I'm going to take a "wait-&-see" attitude towards my running, continuing to run between 30 and 40 minutes, 2-3 times a week. I won't run "the program" per se, but the goal will be simply to get back into running right now. After a week or two of consistent running, then I'll see where my fitness is, and start at the week of the BTHR program most suited to my current state of fitness. I think that's a reasonable way to assess the situation. Since I was only at the early stages (i.e., Day 1 of Week 2) of Phase 2 of the BTHR program, I hope that it won't be long before I will be able to pick up where I left off.

I realize that I will, in all likelihood, have to reassess my long & short-term goal time-table, but that's OK by me. I'd rather make plans based on the reality of where I currently am, as it would be unrealistic to somehow think I could magically skip ahead without putting in the time and the effort. ;-) I'll just do my best to move forward from where I currently am, and all the while, make every attempt to be sensible and take the proper time and precautions to get stronger. It just takes time and gradual effort, that's all.

3 I'm Back! Am I Starting All Over Again?! Let's Hope Not!


Hello All,

I realize it's been exactly 10 days since my last post, & I'm finally feeling strong enough to the point where I can consider walking & perhaps even running. My lungs are the chief issue, as they are still not 100%, although the rest of me is certainly feeling a whole lot better. (I'm 99.9999% percent sure that I had bronchitis or some sort of upper respiratory infection, which either way, really takes a toll on the lungs.) My appetite is definitely back, & while I may've lost several pounds during my illness, I know that it's not the kind of weight-loss that's permanent nor advisable to get too excited about, as it didn't come about via normal, healthy means. Of course, the key factor of importance is really my body-fat percentage, which strangely enough, went up slightly during my illness, despite my overall lack of food intake during this period! This seems to be a common inverse coupling of late: When my weight goes down, my BF goes up & vice versa.

In fact, it looks like I've actually re-gained most of the body fat percentage points I'd lost on 2/4/08, and also have regained the few pounds I'd lost during my illness. Right now, I'm just thankful that these figures have stabilized and that I haven't gained any additional weight or BF thus far.

Another matter of concern is the very probable loss of muscle tone, which under the recent circumstances, could not be helped. Of course, muscle tone can be rebuilt. And so I shall rebuild it, in due course.

Of more concern right now is my overall state of aerobic fitness. I'm hoping that I haven't lost too much of it during my illness. Even if I have, there's nothing I can do about it now except rebuild it (just like my strength/muscle tone), so there's no sense dwelling upon what's been lost or lamenting over events past. So it looks like no matter where I have to start, that's where I'll begin.

Of course, there's only one way to find out about my current fitness level -- by going for a run, which I'm very tempted to do today, since it's a very pleasant 59 degrees outside!

Anyhow, enough talk, time for some action. Today's a holiday, President's Day, so I'm going to see if, after breakfast, I can convince Erik (my fiancé) to join me for a run today.

If you've got the day off today, I hope that you are enjoying it!

Friday, February 8, 2008

12 Coming Up For Air


Hello All,

I've been bedridden for the past several days with what appears to either be bronchitis or possibly the flu. Whatever this illness is, it's totally drained me of my energy; I've been feeling so weak that it's been hard to even sit up, let alone get out of bed.

Frankly, I've never felt so utterly exhausted before from being sick. Usually, during an illness of this nature, I can atleast manage to get out of bed to get a bite to eat or go to the bathroom, but this time around, it's been hard to manage even these few simple things over the last few days.

In fact, this morning's been the first time I've had enough energy to leave the confines of my bed for longer than a minute or two. In the span of the last three days, I think I've managed to check my email twice (which includes today), and due to the severity of my illness, have only been able to respond to correspondence of the most vital nature.

Over the past few days, I've basically been doing nothing but sleeping. It's been several hours of sleep, with minor intervals of waking and then falling back asleep again. I'll spare you the other details of my sickness, as it hasn't exactly been pretty. It's obviously not exactly been "fun and games" lately.

The whole thing began when I started feeling not-so-good on Tuesday morning. Upon waking that day, I'd noticed that my energy was a little bit lower than usual, but thought nothing of it at the time. Just thought that it'd been due to stress and the related lack of sleep problem. My friend and I still ran later that night (yes, there's been no blog entry yet about this - - Gee, I wonder why?!). Then, almost immediately afterward, I began feeling feverish and very shaky -- all hot-and-cold. Once I started to get the chills and then the cold sweats, then I knew I was getting sick right there and then. Of course I bagged my solo run, went straight home, hopped in bed and watched a bit of TV, and then slept non-stop for several hours.

Fast-forward to Wednesday afternoon. Things weren't getting better; they first got worse. To make matters even more challenging, I had a phone interview scheduled for 1 pm on that day. Thankfully, my voice was not completely shot at that point, (atleast I could speak without sounding like a croaking frog), but it took everything I had to just hold a conversation and keep up my usual levels of energy and enthusiasm. I slumped over exhausted after the phone call, and yes, you guessed it, went right back to sleep. Of course, the interviewer probably had no idea that I was in the throes of a full-blown sickness, and I didn't think it would serve the conversation in any way to mention that little factoid. Some people might perceive as an "excuse" or "issue," so best not to go there.

As you can imagine, it's been tremendously difficult to carry on with my job search, as not only have I been dealing with low energy reserves but barely have much of a voice left.

Most of Thursday was spent in bed. Thursday night, Erik finally forced me to eat something other than the occasional grapefruit wedge, which had left my stomach in a bad state. (An empty stomach can already be acidic, so it wasn't the best thing to add more acid to the mix. Thought the vitamin C would help, but at the time, hadn't considered the other potential effects of eating citrus fruit.) He made me some soup, which I sipped slowly, turned over to one side on the bed. The soup turned my stomach a bit, but I forced myself to eat it. It gave me a bit more energy, and I was thankful that Erik was there to take care of me.

The good news is that today I'm finally starting to feel much better. Not 100% just yet, but it's a marked improvement that I even have the energy to get out of bed and type this.

So, that obviously explains my recent "disappearance" from the blogosphere.

OK, now I'm heading back to bed again to rest. See ya.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

0 Run 1, Week 7 (CT5K): The Beginning of The End :-(


Even though the date on this post is 2/5/08, I didn't actually post it until 2/18/07, due to my illness.

The basic facts I can recall is that I ran with my friend for 25 minutes around 6:30 pm or so. It was 57 degrees or so (but with wind chill factor felt much, much colder!) & rainy. Hadn't been feeling good all day, so I skipped my solo run but decided that I could probably stick it out & run with my friend. A very bad idea, looking back on it. Of course, as they say, hindsight is 20/20, & think I've learned my lesson. ;-)

See details from the post, "Coming Up For Air," dated 2/8/08, for more details on this out-of-sync post & its subsequent explanation.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

0 Weigh-In: Phew, It's Good News!


After all of the not-so-great eating I'd previously reported, I have some surprisingly pleasant news to share: I lost an additional 2.8% body fat! And from my last report on 1/13/08, it looks like I've only gained a minuscule fraction of a pound, somewhere between 0.2 and 0.4 to be exact -- I couldn't tell because the number kept varying slightly with repeated weighings, which I did in order to get the most accurate measurement possible. I find that my digital scale wavers slightly between fractions of a pound when I step on it. The body fat measurements also fluctuate slightly, but I understand that this is normal, due to the way in which these digital body fat scales calculate their measurements. (Of course, one of the most accurate ways to measure one's body fat is to step into one of those immersion tanks.)

Believe it or not, the latter information (i.e., the slight weight gain) is actually good news, as this means I've lost most of the weight I probably gained over the past week or so. Yes, horror of horrors, I'm almost 100% sure that I'd gained a few pounds over the last week or two, especially after those unfortunate eating episodes I'd reported (chocolate tollhouse cookies & all!), but of course wouldn't know exactly how much because I purposely didn't weigh myself for a while! LOL.

What's really cool is that I now only have 11.4 more pounds to go to goal weight. Yes, I think I've been in this spot a number of times before, all within the last few months in fact (!), but let's hope that this next series of runs and my attempts to eat healthier over the next few months, will help edge those numbers in the right direction. While some part of me acknowledges that the last 5-10 lbs. can often be the most challenging to lose, I don't want to focus too much on this point, as I'd rather put my energies into thinking that it's possible, and align my actions with those thoughts. ;-)

Of course, I'm sure you've all heard the premise that, mentally speaking, whatever you believe is usually most likely the destiny you will ultimately fulfill. This concept of the "self-fulfilling prophecy" can work for you or against you, depending on what you believe. If you believe that something is possible or not possible, are so totally invested in this way of thinking, then you're going to consciously &/or subconsciously do everything in your power to align your actions with your beliefs.

Now of course, this theorem only works within reason. Of course, no matter how much I'd like to be able to fly like Adrian Pasdar's character, Nathan Petrelli, in the TV show, Heroes, the laws of physics still apply. ;-) Likewise, a person who wants to play b-ball like Shaq O'Neal has still got to have the raw talent! And it certainly helps to have some height too. ;-)

But overall, you get my point. A person can reach for the clouds while keeping their feet firmly planted on the ground, or rather, while determinedly putting one foot in front of the other with steadfast resolve. ;-) It's important to have the heart and spirit of a dreamer, while all the same, focusing on practical considerations & quantifiable, achievable goals. It is not enough to be athletically talented, you need to have internal fortitude, a strong belief in yourself and in the strength & power of your convictions, and the will to prevail. I also believe that these qualities are best coupled with reason (i.e., common sense) and moderation, which will enable a person to focus on what's truly possible at any given moment and to most intelligently achieve their goals.

0 Run 1, Week 2 (BTHR-P2): Giving It My All!


It's 54 degrees & sunny in the beginning of February! How freakin' fabulous is that?!

Started today's run at 3:08 pm. It was beautiful outside, and almost felt like Spring! A really perfect day for a run.

And not surprisingly, it was rather crowded at the lake today. People were everywhere, and going in every direction too! At first, I felt like I was running the gauntlet, instead of a towpath. ;-)

Some days I don't mind running the great "human obstacle course," but frankly today was not one of those days. I wasn't in the mood to jostle past spacey people who weren't body-aware or watching where they were going, or to zig-zag around small children fanning out randomly and running every which way, often launching like little rockets from the arms of their parents. (In fact, I narrowly escaped a crash-course collision with a hyperactive little tot on a big wheel, who was flying headlong in reverse right onto the running path.) The little kids are cute, for sure, and if I was in another state of mind I probably would've laughed and smiled, but today I just wanted to be able to run unencumbered, without thinking about how I was going to maneuver around this person or that person, etc. Sigh. Not only was it mentally draining to be constantly focusing on how to get past clusters of stagnant & constant re-arrangements of people in the path -- bobbing and weaving like a *@&#*$% duck! -- it was also distracting, and affected my pace as well, as I had to slow down in several spots to maneuver around several "human blockades" on the path.

Also, in many, many instances, the people in front of me didn't hear or heed the heads-up notice I gave them, which meant that I often had to step around them and the asphalt path, landing -- "SQUISH!" -- squarely in the mud, many more times than I would've liked! By the end of my run, the bottom of my shoes were absolutely CAKED in the stuff! Grrrrr.

OK, I'll come right out & say it: I was extremely irritated by all of this! And since I don't feel like holding back anything today, I'm now going to growl about it a bit more: GRRRRRrrrrrr! ;-)

While there were several people who did move aside when I called to them, there were also a lot of people who didn't! Now, I usually like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but come on! There can't be that many people who are either hard-of-hearing or not paying attention! ;-) Making room for others/sharing the path with others is a common courtesy. Apparently some people out there on the path today missed that memo!!!!!!

Frankly, after finishing the first lap, I didn't know how I was going to take 4+ more laps of this without losing it. ;-) Thankfully, a few things happened that turned my attitude around, which I'll get to in a moment.

But first, I've got to rant a bit more and get it out of my system!

As you can tell, I wasn't in the mood for any B.S. today. Thankfully there weren't too many smokers blowing their toxic smoke clouds onto the path today, or I would've really let them have it! ;-)

That's one thing that really drives me crazy! I can't stand inhaling that nasty stuff as I'm running. It just saps my lungs. In an effort to avoid it as much as possible, I usually attempt to turn my face away, and either wave the smoke away with my hands, or hold my nose & close my mouth. I really don't care if the smokers are offended or not, as they are offending me with their inconsiderate behavior!

I don't think it's fair that I or anyone else who detests second-hand smoke should have to inhale that nasty stuff that smokers are puffing out into the general atmosphere. Atleast if you are going to smoke in public, please be considerate; go smoke in the corner, and face away from the path! It's my air too, and while you smokers have got the right to smoke yourselves to death in private, and unfortunately in public spaces like towpaths and such (atleast for now), you don't have to be a complete a**h*le and blow the smoke in my direction as I'm running, thank you very much. It's my inalienable right to happiness and health that you're stomping all over, so please smoke where I (and others who don't like to inhale second-hand smoke) don't have to breath in your cancer clouds.

OK, now I feel better. Now let us continue with the story......

Oddly enough, the thing that made me feel not so cranky about all of the above was something quite minor and random. I don't know how the thought popped into my head, but I think it was sparked by a thought about a conversation I'd recently had with my running buddy. While I'm not going to elaborate on the details of that conversation, as it was private, it did make me feel a whole lot better to think about it. So, I'd like to thank her for sharing her very helpful thoughts and advice, and for putting things into perspective on several important points!

When I was about halfway into lap 2, her words echoed in my head, and I was reminded of something pretty basic: While things might be rather trying for me right now, there's still a lot going well in my life that I can be thankful for in spite of these difficulties.

It was at this point that my pursed lips started to turn upwards, and the tension in my facial expression started to dissolve. That, and I also just seen a cute bulldog, which I'd just passed by on the path, which always seems to make me smile. ;-) There's something hilarious and adorable about their facial expressions and body stance that just puts me in a good mood. (Now you bulldog lovers out there will of course know what I'm talking about! ;-) )

Also, a few paces later I smelled cocoa butter, which also helped immensely to lift my mood. (I'm not making this up!) Of course, that made me think of the beach, summer, etc., and then I really started glowing inside. I don't know about you, but for me, smelling pleasant aromas, like honeysuckle after rainfall or freshly-cut grass, just have a way of banishing bad moods.


But alas, I digress. In the midst of recounting today's little "emotional excursion," I've somehow managed to completely left out the facts & figures of today's run thus far. Maybe, for some of you, you'd prefer to hear these facts & figures. And then for others, you'd probably rather read the rant! LOL.

Anyhow, my good mood took my mind back to my runs, and I was able to focus once more on running. I even brought out my running mantras and visualizations a few times.

The earlier soreness I'd felt in my hip magically disappeared while I was running. (I think I must've just landed strangely during the last run. It's weird how the soreness lingered for a few days, and especially when I 'd walked, but didn't bother me at all during or after my runs. Who knows, maybe today's pre-run stretches & running helped to stretch out my hip muscles. ;-) )

Also, I took my usual glucosamine chondroitin and vitamins, etc., etc.

But let's get back to those facts & figures......

Today's schedule called for 40 minutes of running. All in all, I ran 6 laps (4.4 miles) total in 51:39 minutes, or an 11:37:58 minute-mile pace. My other splits were as follows: 4 laps (2.96 miles) in 34:19 minutes, and 5 laps (3.7 miles) in 42:54 minutes; amazingly, I kept a steady 11:35 minute-mile pace for both of these laps, but then lost some steam on the final lap. I wasn't originally intending to run 6 laps, so I'm still pleased that I put in the extra effort, as I was tired but nonetheless finished the extra lap. So "Hoorah!" for that atleast. ;-)

When I'd gotten to what I thought was going to be the last lap, lap 5, which usually takes me to about 42-44 minutes of running, I decided that since I'd only reached 43 minutes or so, that I'd keep going until reaching the full 45 minutes. And then of course, when I reached 45 minutes, this thought then expanded into another possibility, and then I thought, "Well, I'm almost halfway around the lake, so why don't I just keep going until I finish this lap?" So, I ended up running one more lap than I was originally intending to do.

Actually, this is what usually happens, as I often think, "oh, what the heck, it's only one more lap." I like to see how much I've got left in me, plus, I've become slightly OCD about finishing laps. ;-) Plus, it feels good to know that I can complete that little extra challenge at the end. The proverbial feather in my cap.

OK, well, that about does it for today's post. I'm off to a superbowl party with friends. Yes, very uncharacteristic of me, as those of you who know me would probably say, as I couldn't care a fig about football, but frankly, it's more of a social thing, and also a chance for me to catch up on my knitting. ;-) Actually, the guys (i.e., Erik & his friends) are really the only ones who will really be watching the football tonight, as not many of my girlfriends really watch the game either! ;-) It's just a gabfest for the girls, and a chance for the guys to emote unapologetically in front of the TV screen. ;-)

OK, well have a good night, everybody!

6 Where's Waldo, er, I mean, Corey?


Hello again everybody!

Before I get started with my usual weekend running report, I'd like to thank those of you who've emailed & posted comments asking me how I'm doing & letting me know that you missed me. Awwww, thanks so much! That really meant a lot to me. You are all incredibly supportive and thoughtful, and kind; and, as I'm going through a rather "challenging" phase in my life right now, (that's the nicest word for it! ;-) ), I can't tell you how much I appreciate hearing these kind words from all of you right now.

Many of you have pointed out that I've been MIA on this blog lately. A week has passed, and my usual pattern of posting atleast 3 times a week (i.e., the "post-per-run pattern"!) was temporarily broken when I belatedly posted the last two reports of my runs. Some of you probably even noticed that, when you'd last checked this blog -- perhaps yesterday or a few days ago -- that you hadn't seen any posts earlier in the week, and then suddenly, posts from this "missing week" suddenly materialized out of nowhere, as if by magic! So, no, you are not unobservant or going crazy (Sigh, what a relief! ;-) ), it's just that these posts were still in draft form, as I hadn't had time to finish/post them, that's all!

Having stated all of the above, I will say that part of the reason for these delays is that I'm still in the process of looking for a job. So, of course this activity has been taking precedence over all other activities (including sleep!), with the possible of exception of running. Right now, looking for a job has become a full-time job. ;-)

While I certainly love to blog, it has to take a back seat right now to my job search, for obvious reasons. I'd love to make a living blogging, but until that becomes a viable reality (i.e., where I could make enough $$$ to cover monthly expenses & still have some left over for savings, etc.), I've got to seek gainful employment by other means right now. ;-)

So hang in there, dear readers: It might take me a while, but I will eventually post my review of Spirit of the Marathon!

Next up, as promised, is my report of this afternoon's run. See you at the next post!

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