Monday, February 18, 2008

10 My First Run in Almost 2 Weeks!


It was certainly a very windy & chilly 59 degrees indeed for my first run in 13 days (i.e., my first run since recovering from bronchitis or whatever sort of upper respiratory illness I had). Now that I'm back at the house writing this, I see that the outside temperature has since dropped a few degrees to 56 degrees; so while it was apparently 59 degrees when I left the house for my run, the temperature might've actually been slightly colder during the actual run. It certainly felt like it!

Using the "dress-20-degrees-warmer" rule, I dressed in only a long-sleeved shirt & tights. However, after several very chilly laps, I'd begun to wish that I'd brought a jacket!

I had an OK run today, which began at 2:32 pm today. I did a total of 4 laps (2.96 miles) in 39:53 minutes (or a rather glacial pace of 13:28 minutes-per-mile), which very well might've been the slowest time I'd ever run for that distance! Frankly, I wasn't trying to break any world records today ;-), the goal was just to finish my run; I was originally aiming for 30 consecutive minutes of running. I thought that was an admirable goal, especially given my recent state of health (or perhaps I should say, lack thereof! ;-) ).

As could be expected, my energy wasn't the highest, but neither was it was low either. I managed to chug along as best I could. Despite the weakened state of my lungs, I managed to rally & put in a decent effort.

I only had one major difficulty: After about lap 2, I felt a shooting pain up the side of my right leg, from the glut muscle down to the backside of the leg. Now before any of you start in with the admonitions about running while in pain, I'd like to state for the record that it wasn't the same type of sharp pain that normally indicates injury (otherwise I would've stopped running!); it was more of an overall soreness and dull aching throb, which was probably the accumulated result of a sheer absence of exercise (for the past two weeks)! As most of you who follow this blog with some regularity already realize, I've got enough common sense to listen to my body very carefully & heed its signs, and would certainly stop running should there be something seriously wrong. At the same token, I'm not a wimp either, and am not going to use an unsatisfactory reason such as this as an excuse to prematurely end my run for the day. I don't throw in the towel that easily. ;-)

While I didn't let a little soreness & pain stop me from running, it was certainly a really bizarre feeling, because I'd warmed up with a 5-minute walk & stretching and so, hadn't expected this at all. Maybe that was a bit naive of me to think that, but nonetheless, I found it hard to believe that being "out of commission" for as little as two weeks could have that sort of effect. Guess I'd hoped that I was physically a bit tougher than that, & that it'd take a bit more than just 2 weeks of illness & non-exercise before feeling that kind of soreness again so soon!

Given my past history & recent illness, I thought that my knees and lungs would be my greatest challenge today, but what a surprise! If anything, they actually felt pretty good, considering. Makes me wonder how quickly I can get back to my BTHR program.

I think that for now, I'm going to take a "wait-&-see" attitude towards my running, continuing to run between 30 and 40 minutes, 2-3 times a week. I won't run "the program" per se, but the goal will be simply to get back into running right now. After a week or two of consistent running, then I'll see where my fitness is, and start at the week of the BTHR program most suited to my current state of fitness. I think that's a reasonable way to assess the situation. Since I was only at the early stages (i.e., Day 1 of Week 2) of Phase 2 of the BTHR program, I hope that it won't be long before I will be able to pick up where I left off.

I realize that I will, in all likelihood, have to reassess my long & short-term goal time-table, but that's OK by me. I'd rather make plans based on the reality of where I currently am, as it would be unrealistic to somehow think I could magically skip ahead without putting in the time and the effort. ;-) I'll just do my best to move forward from where I currently am, and all the while, make every attempt to be sensible and take the proper time and precautions to get stronger. It just takes time and gradual effort, that's all.


Eric Gervase said...

First of all... welcome back!! I missed you.

Second of all... I think you've probably lost less than you think. Take it from someone who has had his own recent bouts with time off. The first few weeks back stink. But, after that, it feels pretty normal again. You don't lose much muscle in as short a time that you were off. But, the cardio takes a little to come back.

Anyhow, I think you're going to be less behind than you think. Just be patient here in the beginning.

Tim Wilson said...

Good to see you back at it :) Hope you continue to see progress and the lungs hold out!

Bray said...

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Mister Scott said...

welcome back... dont be afraid to recalibrate your long ans hsort term goals--they are after all yours! one thing that was shared with me that helped to assuade my own fears about feeling as though i was letting myself down by needing to adjust my goals was that "in the end the only person you need run against (or answer to)is yourself." ;)

also, i may have missed your reveiw of "spirit of the marathon," but im hoping to catch it this thurday!

take care and cheers!

cymrusteve said...

Welcome back and good luck on the comeback trail. Take your time, don't rush things and you'll soon be back to where you were a week or so ago.

It doesn't take the body long to get back to the old routines, but make sure you allow enough recovery time between workouts.

Good to have you back online!


Abimars said...

thats my girl, back in the saddle or um trainers? lol

cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, everybody for your warm welcome-back wishes & sage advice!

Thanks for your support & for sharing your advice. What you say feels true, especially regarding the rate of recovery for cardio & muscle strength. If anyone's certainly earned the right to espouse wisdom regarding recovery, it's you! Speaking of which, I just stopped by your blog & it appears that you're running again. So how's the leg? Are you fully recovered? What was the final conclusion of your PT person/doctor? Hope you're on the mend or better yet, are fully recovered!

Please send my best to your wife regarding her pregnancy. That's fabulous news! You must be so excited!

Also, good luck with organizing the Adamstown 5K. Wow, what a phenomenal idea & a great way to galvanize the running community in your area. I certainly applaud you for this ambitious undertaking! Is this your first time organizing a race?! On a related note, are you familiar with Blaine Moore (of He's a great guy & has a lot of experience planning races - He could probably offer you some great advice on the subject.

Thanks, Tim! It's nice to hear from you again. How're things going for you? Well, I hope!?!

Thanks, Bray. I'll check out your website.

Well put, Mister Scott. Wise words to heed! Haven't forgotten about the "Spirit of the Marathon" review; will get to it at some point.

Hi Steve,
Thanks for all your well-wishes & advice. So glad to hear that Allyson's feeling much better!

Hi Abi!!!!!!
Thanks! It's so nice to hear from you! Hope you're doing well!

Tim Wilson said...

Things are going really good for me, just ran my first Half Marathon this past week, just got some new shoes, running life is going good. :)

Thanks for asking!

I hope you get back up to speed quickly!

Eric Gervase said...

I find it funny that I've "earned the right". I think, more honestly, I've not been terribly bright and learned my lesson. But, you're way is more forgiving. So, I'm adopting it.

Thanks for the well wishes on the pregnancy. I'll certainly pass them on to my wife. We're pretty excited.

I am vaguely familiar of Blaine from this blog. I'm gonna check him out. I'm traveling for work right now, so don't have a lot of free time. But thanks for the connection. I need to get on this stuff.

Eric Gervase said...

Oh yeah... The foot is on the mend. I'm running 3 days a week and it hasn't been "barking" at me. I think I'm gonna wait till after the half (May) to ratchet up to 4 days a week still though.

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