Thursday, March 27, 2008

0 CT5K Plan: Playing It By Ear.....


So, my friend & I have recently decided to start the CT5K program from scratch (starting on Tuesday, 4/1/08) & then we'll see how it goes from there. We've decided that, if it's too easy, we'll just simply skip ahead & ramp up to the next week or two. Due to both of us experiencing setbacks in our exercise program, I think this is the wisest move right now.

Better to start at an easier point & skip ahead than to risk injury & burnout & move too quickly ahead. The whole point of the CT5K is to gradually reintroduce oneself to running, especially after a "timeout" period, & this certainly applies to our situation. ;-) Also, according to CT5K creator & running guru, Josh Clark, you're not supposed to be feeling tremendously sore after workouts. If you do, that's a sign that you need to scale it back to an earlier week. ;-)

I'm not being a wuss, I'm just being realistic & smart. So there!

Also, frankly, I'm dealing with a tremendous number of things right now (which I'd rather not elaborate upon in this blog right now, so please don't ask) that are making it hard for me to even get out the door. All I'll say is that my stress level is through the roof. So anything that lowers my resistance to running right now is a GOOD THING. ;-)

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