Monday, March 3, 2008

7 Gearing Up For More......


Around 7 pm, I went out for my run/walk. It was still nice out, a balmy 63 degrees.

Given the outcome of my last run (i.e., soreness & a slight relapse of respiratory illness), I decided to ease back into the running this time around, opting for interval training instead. A much smarter approach!

I did 4 laps totals, or 2 sets of alternating laps of walking & running, for a total of 2.96 miles.

I know this is going to sound odd, but the thing that I happened to notice most about tonight's run, especially after my several-week hiatus from running, is how my gluts & thighs felt like they were bouncing up & down like a pile of wobbling jello. In an earthquake. ;-) I know it's probably just an exaggerated feeling in my mind, as I didn't gain that much weight over the hiatus, but it was honestly really unnerving to feel these areas just shaking around so much. I swear that I didn't feel like this a few weeks ago, so what the heck was going on with my lower body?!

Can anyone relate to this sensation? I know it sounds silly that I could've gotten that flabby in a matter of weeks; so why does my lower midsection feel like it's going to launch off onto its own separate sphere, like a thermonuclear rocket?! ;-)

Come to think of it, the muscles in my right glut/hip area feel a little bit sore right about now, (probably from all the shaking around! ;-) ), but other than that, the run went fairly well.

Based on tonight's performance, I think I can safely say that I'm going to have to seriously reassess my training plan. The soreness is an obvious indication that the intervals are probably a bit too long in duration; I never felt sore when I did the CT5K program, so maybe I should scale it back to 1/2 a lap of running & 1/2 a lap of walking, & alternate these intervals over the course of 4 laps. At any rate, it looks like very likely that I'll be returning to a much earlier stage of the training progression, no matter what. A very humbling experience indeed. ;-)

Right now, the plan is to continue interval training until I fully regain my physical strength & well-being. Then I'll probably return to the BOHR program, & start at the very beginning of this plan. I think I should be able to do the initial 3 weeks of 30-minute runs once my body gets reacclimated. If not, I can always back up to Week 4 or 5 of the CT5K program. ;-) We'll see how it goes.

Psychologically speaking, I don't know if it'd be a good idea to return to all the way back to the CT5K program, but in the end, the body will ultimately dictate where I need to be, & the mind will just need to accept it, readjust, & come along for the ride.

Some of you might be thinking, "Well, she ran the CT5K just a few weeks ago with her friend, so how is that any different?" Well actually, running the CT5K program with my friend was quite different, as I was running it in addition to the BTHR program. ;-) (Also, the purpose & intensity of the CT5K runs with my friend were also very different from the solo BTHR runs.)

Speaking of which, my friend & I have currently shelved our joint runs, due to my up-in-the-air schedule. I don't know if I'll be able to continue running with her, as it looks like we might soon have drastically different schedules. Of course, we can still do other activities together, just maybe not running right at the moment.

A while back, I taught her how to knit; we had a lot of fun hanging out, doing this activity. The nice thing about knitting is that it's so relaxing; and, also, once you get going, it's very easy to do other activities simultaneously -- i.e., chat, watch TV or a movie, etc. So, who knows, knitting might very well might become one of our new favorite activities to do together. And plus, she reminded me recently that I still have to show her to bind off, so she can finish her scarf! ;-)


Just some final thoughts: It's amazing how surprisingly OK I am with the idea of having to retread old ground. In fact, I've been pretty chilled about several recent setbacks - the illness & hiatus from running, the slight weight gain, etc., etc. Viewed from a larger frame of reference, these setbacks are relatively minor & frankly, it's just "no big deal."

It's funny because people keep telling me, "It's OK, it's really OK," like I'm not OK with it or somehow just really need to hear this, (or maybe they're reassuring themselves by reassuring me!), but it's funny because I already possess a quiet knowledge of this sentiment. Right now, I really do feel like I'm this pool of impenetrable inner calm.

And emotionally speaking, it seems that, as of late, every time I face a setback, I seem to recover faster & faster than the time before. Atleast that's one recovery that's happened quickly! ;-)

I guess I've gotten to the point where I no longer care to expend unnecessary "emotional energy" contemplating such things. There's no sense in going through the motions of the emotions, so to speak.

It's not that I've turned into a robot, but rather that the reaction in this particular instance is more like, "OK, pinch yourself, & now let's move on." Or, one might call it the "rubber-band snap reality check."

I mean, what would be the point of getting upset over things we can't change? It's not like we can go back in time & change the past. We can only fix things in the present. Even if we move backward at first, we still have a choice in the matter: Feel badly about it, wallow, & move backward even further, or let go of these pointless emotions, & choose to move forward & do something constructive.

And every time you make the latter choice, it gets easier & easier to take the shortcut. Your conditioning yourself to bypass the "dog & pony show" type of distractions & just get down to the business of finding & working towards a solution. Framed in this light, the idea of "playing into the drama of it all" somehow loses its appeal & those various other "trials & travails" begin to appear less and less daunting.

In my particular case, I just happened to get sick & there was nothing I could do about it except take the appropriate medicines, rest, & get better. Looking back on it now, I can see what lead up to the problem -- stress, lack of sleep, etc., which then lead to a weakened immune system, etc., etc. In a word, imbalance. Hopefully, I've learned something from this recent experience, so that next time I'll be better at recognizing & anticipating the signs of such an imbalance, to nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand.

Sigh. The balancing act isn't always easy, & the answers of "what to do about it" are sometimes different for different people, but hopefully after a lot of trial & error, we get better at it over time. I know I'm still learning. ;-)

How's the learning process coming along for you?! ;-) Do you feel like you're pretty good at balancing your life? What do you think is particular "life challenge"?!


TexasTesla said...

Boy, can I ever sympathize! Not training for 2 hours of running, but rather was nearing the end of my CT5K, with the run next weekend...then I fell while rollerskating with the kids, and was out of exercising for 3 weeks! Still tender, so I'm debating whether to restart the program from early on while the tailbone heals, or just wait a bit longer. Either way - I'll be lucky to WALK the 5k distance right now. Ugh.

cyberpenguin said...

Hi TexasTesla,

Thanks so much for your comments!

So how long/many weeks had you been doing the CT5K program before your injury? Hope that you feel better soon & that your tailbone heals quickly.

Hey, there's nothing wrong with walking the 5K distance! After all, better to do some form of exercise than nothing at all. Believe me, I understand that it can be daunting to start up again after a long hiatus, which is why a walk is actually a really good idea. Starting small & taking a walk just makes the whole idea of getting moving again THAT much easier, eh?!

Of course, you know yourself best. If you need to give your body the time it needs to heal/rest, I'm sure you'll come back feeling refreshed & ready to start moving again.

That's the great thing about the CT5K program; it's so gradual & moderate, that if you need to, you can always repeat a week if you need to, or go back to an earlier week, to where you feel comfortable starting up the program again.

If you like, you're welcome to share your stories &/or sound off here about your CT5K/running/walking experiences. Feel free to email me or comment here with your fitness/running thoughts & questions.

Good luck with your CT5K program. It was really nice to hear from you! And nice to know you're also a fellow runner/CT5Ker & jewelry designer. ;-)


TexasTesla said...

Hi Corey! Thanks for stopping by my blog too. :-D

I'm so impressed with your running schedule and goals...really need to get on the stick myself. My last 5k was a run/walk combo, and I was thrilled to be under 44minutes (sad, I know - but I'm SO out of shape). Still, I love that I can read your posts and see many of the same challenges I've dealt with - including that injury. Makes me feel better about what I've accomplished - and determined to get back at it once I'm healed!

Blaine Moore said...

So how'd the interview go?

cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, TexasTesla! I think it's great that you finished a 5K!

I wouldn't worry about pace too much at this point, especially since you're still in the midst of the Couch to 5K program. The body first has to acclimate to completing the mileage, then much later you can worry about measuring performance, etc., etc. This is true no matter whether you are a newbie or experienced runner. 8-)

Hope that helps!


P.S. BTW, what week/day of the CT5K program are you currently on or approaching? Since I've "been there, done that" with the CT5K program, if there's any advice or encouragement I can offer, just let me know & I'd be happy to give it!

cyberpenguin said...

Hi Blaine,

Thanks for asking. I'm reserving comment on this for now, as things are still currently up in the air. The interview itself went very well, but nothing's been finalized just yet.

Speaking of careers, how's the writing career going? Hope the book selling well!


JayPeeFreely said...

Glad to join your friends list!

I used to run quite alot back about 7-8 years ago. I got sidetracked (long story) and have had the intention of going back to it. (Once the weather breaks.)

Anyways, I'll subscribe and read more later. Got a post to complete!

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