Sunday, March 2, 2008

2 The Run That Never Happened.... (Or, Sloth,The Fourth Deadly Sin! ;-) )


This picture about sums up my state of being this afternoon. The odds were greater that the cat in the above picture would actually start to speak to his human servant (er, I mean "owner"!) to ask for a refill on his beer, & "By the way, could you pass me the Cheetos?" -- than the likelihood of me going for a run this afternoon. Our furry friend might also be thinking that there isn't enough TV programming geared towards his demographic. ;-)

Running? What's that?! (That could've been this post's alternate title. ;-) )

Well, I never did quite make it out of house for today's expected "run."

According to the weather forecast, it was supposed to reach 53 degrees this afternoon. So, I decided to wait until the warmest point in the day before heading out the door.

Around 2 pm, it was around 39 degrees. Still not as warm as expected.

By 3 pm, it was 45 degrees. Why wasn't it warmer at this point? Usually 3 pm is when the winter sun's at its warmest!

And by 4 pm, it was 48 degrees. At that point, it was clearly not going to get any warmer outside. The only problem was that my coughing & fatigue had returned. And of course, inertia took over & it was all "downhill" from there. But not in the sense of "running downhill." ;-)

It's now very clear that I really need to get back into making exercise a habit again, lest I fall off the bandwagon all-together. Part of the problem is that there's a bit too much chaos & uncertainty going on in my life right now -- just too many variables up in the air! -- & the postponement of my running is probably a subconscious attempt to limit the number of things "going on." It's an attempt to wait until the "dust settles." Purely an emotional response, I know. And of course, the rational side of me realizes that this is simply an excuse, as the exercise would do me good & if anything, would help to "clear out the emotional cobwebs" & put my mind at ease.

On a related note: Tomorrow's my second interview for a job that I really want. Wish me luck!


tootie said...

Don't worry. I skipped out on my run today, too.

Good luck with your interview!

cyberpenguin said...

Awwww, thanks, Tootie! 8-)

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