Tuesday, April 1, 2008

2 Run 1, Week 1 (CT5K): Starting Over Again (Or, CT5K, Take Two! Action!)


Extremely short post today: Ran around 6:30 pm. Did my "first" CT5K workout with my usual running buddy. Was around 72 degrees. Perfect weather for a run!

Took vitamins & glucosamine chondroitin beforehand. After the run, noticed the return of a slight soreness in my right hip muscle, but think it was due to me being out-of-shape & also to my posture during my run; I kept turning toward my friend to talk to her, (she likes to run on the left side ;-) ), & had to keep shifting my body to a slightly contorted & off-balance position as a result. You think it'd be my left side that'd be bothering me or that my neck would also be sore (!), but that wasn't the case. Only my right hip muscle was affected. Very weird.

Having only one earpiece in my right ear so I can hear the CT5K podcasts (& all the while keeping my left ear free to hear my friend), isn't helping my balance & body position much either. (A person's ears actually have a lot to do with their balance!) It's very disorienting listening to my friend in one ear & the podcast in another. Can't wait until she & I get to the 30 minutes of consecutive running, so I don't have to use it anymore. It's fine to use when I'm solo, but since she's not listening to the podcast herself & is relying on me to get her interval cues, it's a bit challenging to have such a divided focus.

I do like running (& chatting!) with her, so I'm going to make a concerted effort to work past this little barrier for the next several weeks. The 30 minute runs can't come fast enough! (However, I know my friend probably won't agree with that. ;-) )


Abimars said...

Welcome back C,

I had to refresh my feed reader cos I thought there was an error or something when I saw you had a new post out.



cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, Abi, for the warm welome back!

Yes, I'm finally getting to posting some earlier runs I did -- Didn't have a chance until recently. ;-) You might see some other "old" posts popping up here & there, as I've been running for the past 2 weeks but haven't been posting. Oh, the horror! ;-)

So how have you been?

Am going to hop on by your blog in a minute to see what you've been up to lately. Hope things are going well for you!

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