Tuesday, April 15, 2008

0 OK, The Venting's Over -- It's Safe To Come Out Again! ;-)


Hello Readers,

Happy Tax Day, everyone! Hope you all managed to get your tax returns in on time.

Maybe I should apologize for that little bit of ornery griping in those last few posts. Yikes! It's amazing how much better of a mood I'm in after today's run. ;-) Yet another reason to run.

Ever notice how everything seems much better after a run? The feel-good hormones start to kick in, & then everything's just la-de-dah fantastique. Viewing today's run in that light actually makes the before & after pictures of it all seem rather comical.

Before: Picture two stressed-out people with tense scrunched up faces & bodies, who at the outset of the day's run were preoccupied with everything but running at that particular instant. ;-)

After: Picture those same two people in oasis of relaxation & a total sense of calm. Ahhhh, much better! 8-)

Do any of you remember those comical-looking, Pepto-Bismol pink, squishable toys from the early 80's called "Nerds," which basically were big squeezie-toy heads with exaggerated features stuck to a plastic base, the most discernable features being their large nose & ears? (They still make them, I think.) Anyhow, I think I could've squeezed a hole into one of those things in the "before" stage. ;-)

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