Tuesday, April 15, 2008

2 Run 1, Week 3 (CT5K): A Quick Run


Went running with my friend tonight; the temperature was in the low fifties. Had a good run, although the workout still felt a bit too easy. I'd love to skip ahead to the next week, but it sounds like my friend quite isn't ready to do the same. The workouts are a bit more challenging for her. So maybe if I'm feeling extra motivated, I'll go for a longer run this weekend & see how it feels. Again, not making promises here, just thinking aloud. ;-)


I can tell my friend's also struggling with similar motivational issues when it comes to running. Thankfully, we still are able to keep each other in check & bolster the other one to get out the door, when it comes to our joint runs: When my friend & I spoke on the phone, I could tell she was looking for an out, & was probably hoping I'd cancel on her. But no such luck. She wasn't getting out of it that easily. ;-)


cymrusteve said...

"although the workout still felt a bit too easy"

sounds promising! great to see you back at it and doing very well too i might add.

be patient and you'll be back to where you were in no time at all i'm sure..

good luck on the "longer run"


Abimars said...

lol, we won't hold you up to it then

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