Thursday, April 3, 2008

0 Run 2, Week 1 (CT5K): Maybe A Bit Too Easy.....


Well my friend & I went running again tonight. That makes 2 runs in one week, after a long period of non-running. Felt good to be running again, but honestly, the run itself felt far too easy. My friend thought so too, so we've decided to skip ahead to Week 2 for next week's runs. (We'd be there anyway next week, regardless of whether or not we do the third & final run of the week -- i.e., the weekend run -- on our own.)

The soreness in my right hip muscle is of course gone by now & thankfully hasn't returned after this most recent run. Other than that, not too much to report. Hope you're all having a good week of running &/or whatever else you've been up to lately! Later, dudes & dudettes. ;-)

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