Thursday, April 17, 2008

5 Run 2, Week 3 (CT5K): A Little Bit Extra


My friend & I ran again tonight. It was beautiful outside!!!!!! Another utterly sublime, gorgeous day; we're just loving it! (Now if only it could stay this way for the next few weeks, & not get any hotter. Wouldn't that be fantastic?! I mean, who wouldn't want to run in 75 degrees & sunshine all year round?! Of course, knowing how hot it usually gets in this area over the summer months, we'd better enjoy this perfect weather while we still can. ;-) )

We had a good run, although it was still a little bit too easy (for me anyhow!), but we ended up running a little bit longer because we were gabbing & I didn't hear some of the interval cues. ;-) Also, my friend stopped to walk near the end but I kept going & then eventually reversed directions & loop around to meet her for the final running interval. (I would've liked to have run the entire lap all the way around the lake, but there's currently some construction blocking part of the path, so I was forced to reverse directions.)

Anyhow, that's the low-down of tonight's run in brief. This weekend, it looks like it's going to be pretty warm (& hopefully beautiful! -- Cross the fingers), so it would be the perfect time to do a solo run. Again, just thinking aloud, no promises either way. ;-)

Either way, it's onto Week 4 for us next Tuesday.


Andrew is getting fit said...

Well done. It makes it a lot easier to run when it's beautiful outside I find as well.

Abimars said...

Lucky you, weather over here is kinda depressing.... wet wet wet

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Greg On the Run said...

Good to see you back out running regularly again. And don't worry about the weight. You know what it takes to dial in the nutrition.

TexasTesla said...

Oh, send some of that weather here. It was 45 and rainy all weekend for us...I simply can't force myself to run in that stuff. :-P

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