Thursday, April 24, 2008

2 Run 2, Week 4 (CT5K); Drill Sergeant, Corey, At The Ready!


My friend & I ran again this evening. I was actually surprised she called to run, because last night we'd gone out to eat dinner & see a movie together; she still had a ton of work to do afterwards for her job & as a result, had told me she might not make our run the next evening. But she managed to get everything done in time & pulled through in the end. I was very proud of her for keeping to her commitment to herself & to our joint runs, especially since she was thoroughly exhausted from staying up the night before to complete her work (it was due first thing the next morning!).

Anyhow, the weather was beautiful - a gorgeous 75 degrees! -- & it certainly made our run a lot more pleasant.

We were both feeling a bit tired after our run, but it was a good kind of tired.

I have to say that I was rather merciless tonight & turned a deaf ear to her plea to take a break as we were nearing the end. In the nicest way possible, I told her to "suck it up" & keep going. ;-) I believe my words were something to the effect of "This is the last 5 minute interval -- The sooner we finish it, the sooner it'll be over. If you take a break now, it'll be that much longer before you finish. So let's just get it done." I just didn't want her to lose momentum, but I was also being tough because I thought she had it in her to go the extra 5 minutes. At this stage of the game, an extra 5 minutes is not that big of a deal. Really. It's such a moderate program & plus, it wasn't that long ago that she was running 20-25 consecutive minutes of running with me.

I know she's not as keen on exercise as me, & is at a slightly different stage of fitness, but she was able to do it before without any problem, so it's certainly feasible that she can do it again. I know that part of the issue is that her life revolves around work right now -- she's so very busy! -- and that certainly makes it a challenge. But I reminded her that her co-workers who exercise have similar workloads & that, not only is it possible to do this, but she's already done it before! (Last time, she'd made it all the way to Run 1, Week 7 of the program, which culminated in a 25 minute run -- the second of two 25-minute runs we'd done thus far! And there were only 2 more weeks left to the program at that point!)

Plus, I just wanted to keep running. I really hate stopping when I set my mind on finishing something, whether it be running or anything else. I mean, unless there's something seriously wrong happening which would physically prevent me from completing a run, I just want to keep going. I can't stand quitting in the middle. It just drives me batty. Of course, I've already mentioned a zillion times before that I am a person who exercises in moderation & listens to my body, but still, I'm not one to wimp out & stop for no good reason. If I can complete the run, I will. No bones about it.

Plus, on some level, I think she likes when I kick her rear into gear. ;-) It's not that we have a skewed relationship -- we treat each other as equals -- but she's mentioned that she needs someone else to push her right now. Ultimately, we each have to want to get into shape of our own individual accord -- We have to want to achieve it for ourselves more than someone else wants it for us -- but for right now, this dynamic works. And as I've mentioned before, I'm not exactly a saint or a font of motivation myself right about now. I obviously need the push out the door as much as she does. ;-) We are both thankfully to have each other for positive reinforcement!


Abimars said...

I tried working with a personal trainer once, he'd say something like 5 more and I'd just say nope I'm done, lol obviosly it didn't last and i blamed him for not being good at his job but actually it was me who didn't want it enough

cyberpenguin said...

LOL! No one pushes Abi around except Abi herself. ;-)

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