Tuesday, April 15, 2008

5 Weigh-In: The News Is Neither Here Nor There


It's been an incredibly long time since the last time I posted any updates about my BF% or weight. So, drum roll please. (Hahahahahaha!)

No seriously, it's not that bad, & not that good either. (I'm too ashamed to post the total number of pounds gained in the last 2 months.) But let us refrain from an exercise in self-immolation. Rather, what I mean is that while I did gain weight during the hiatus period of "non-running" (i.e., the prolonged period of illness-followed-by-slacking-off), I haven't gained any additional weight after this period (i.e., now that I'm running again!). Of course, the few extra pounds I did gain during the hiatus still need to come off.

As for the BF%, that's another story altogether. ;-) I did gain a few BF% points (not sure when exactly, since there are only a scant few records to go by), but am not going to reveal the exact increase here (for the same reasons as stated above).

This is a wake-up call on many different fronts.

Also, on that note, I just want to address something that I've been thinking about lately, & there's no place better than to do it in a post where I'm putting myself out there, discussing a sensitive topic like weight & BF%. And that is this: Please remember that there's a real living, breathing person who's writing this blog, not an autobot. ;-) And this entity, while certainly being a resilient little bugger, is human & flawed, & a work-in-progress, just like you. I say this because I'm writing this blog as an honest reflection of my experiences, and this is not always going to be pretty. I'm sure there are some people out there who'd probably like it much better if I always wrote cheery little platitudes about my experiences 24/7, but I'm not going to do that. I'm not going to do that because that would be phony, & dishonest, & very unlike me. Sometimes, these experiences are going to be painful & uncomfortable, & yes, sometimes it IS going to be rockin' party & a bowl full of cherries, & sometimes it's going to be somewhere in between, but one thing it's certainly NOT going to be is dull. So there! ;-)

Also, just because I blog openly about my experiences doesn't mean that I always wish to dissect them to the nth degree. Sometimes I'm just writing about them to vent or simply to express the moment. And then I move on. My blog posts are memes, & are not necessarily permanent truths. Again, it goes back to that "work-in-progress" theme mentioned above......

And just for the record, please know that I'm only going to entertain constructive comments on this blog. (This is not said to imply that there've been any specific recent cases to the contrary; I'm just stating it to let it be known.) As the cliché goes, if you don't have anything nice to say about someone, (& at that, someone you might not even know!), best not to say it all...." I'm not putting myself out there so people can pick on me or judge me. There's no point in an exercise like that, other than to gratify an immature, insecure person's sense of schadenfreude. So please kindly put yourself in my shoes & consider how you or another person would feel or think, before you leave a comment.

I've noticed that the blogosphere can all-too-easily descend into a pit of backbiting & nastiness (Ever notice how some people seem to actually enjoy pouncing on each other like wild animals!?), & I absolutely refuse to participate in that kind of energy/drama or further its cause. That kind of behavior towards others serves no positive purpose, & won't be tolerated here.

The other phenomenon I've noticed is that the blogosphere seems to be rife with people misreading context or purposely taking things out of context. This is another behavior I'm not going to entertain here. Nothing annoys me than people who don't take the time to actually read my posts before commenting or who just take things out of context in general.

So, if you are new to this blog, please realize that everything I write here is in context with the surrounding posts. This blog is a continuous story written in several posts over a long period of time, hence the use of the word "journal" in the blog title. ;-) Please don't jump to conclusions & assume that you know me or can know what I'm all about -- all from just one post. Understand that, if you really want to get the full story of what's been going on here in this blog, then you're going to have to inevitably look at previous posts, & "Gasp!", sift through the archives.

I realize that, even after people do this, there will still be some people who still do not "get" me or understand the exact meaning of what I'm trying to express here through my writings, & that misunderstandings are bound to happen. However, I'm not writing for the people who don't "get" me; I'm writing for the ones that do. I'm not trying to win a popularity contest here; the intent is to be real & blog honestly.

Since I've taken the time & effort to blog, & am being gutsy enough to put myself out here in the blogosphere & write honestly about my experiences (under my real name!), I'd really appreciate it if people who are just dropping in could take all of the above considerations I've mentioned into account.

Now I certainly don't mind explaining general concepts relating to exercise & training -- that's what this blog is supposed to be about, in part -- but I'm not here to explain myself as a person or justify or validate my own self-expressions or experiences to others, as it can certainly be exhausting to have to continually do that! Rather, I'm here to be honest & real in recounting my experiences & share my knowledge of running with others.

The nature & structure of a blog itself sometimes makes me think that I should be appending this content to every blog post I write!!!!!!! ;-)


Andrew is getting fit said...

Oh dear. I've seen similar thoughts expressed at quite a few blogs I read lately. I've been fortunate in that I've only had positive comments so far. I guess it's because I'm a guy? Not too sure really.

cyberpenguin said...

Hi Andrew,

Most people leave constructive, positive commentary here on this blog. I wasn't trying to suggest otherwise. I was merely reminding people where the lines are drawn, because in the past, there've been some comments which could be construed as "uncivil" or "unhelpful." But for the most part, this isn't the case.

Also, there have been some comments that I'm not quite sure what to make of, as it's hard to ascertain a person's tone from a comment!

Also, in this post I wanted to address how people conduct themselves in general in the blogosphere, & my own thoughts & expectations on the matter, with regard to this blog. I didn't have a specific case in mind; it was just something I felt like mentioning. That's all.


TexasTesla said...

Very good point. We forget that online, you can't tell people's expressions - so what was meant as a joke may not come across that way, etc. Plus, people seem to be ruder, nastier, and crazier online...presumably because it's essentially anonymous. I've also been lucky to only have positive commentary on my blog, but I don't have nearly the personal stuff that you do. (My struggle with weight and exercise is not being documented, thankfully)

cyberpenguin said...

Thanks! Very true.

You brought up a good point regarding personal accountability for one's comments on the web.

That's why I turned off the Anonymous commenting feature. ;-) Of course, people can still "hide" by blogging under cryptic identities & still choose not to use their real names. But they do have an IP address. ;-)

On the flip side of that equation, sometimes I think it would be easier to blog anonymously or just by first name only, as many other people do, but mostly for reasons of privacy & NOT because I think it absolves people of responsibility for what they say or write. Well, it's a bit too late to blog anonymously here. ;-)

Speaking of which, do you think you'd blog about your exercise & weight if you did it anonymously? ;-)

In any event, while I can certainly understand that people in general might not want to reveal various personal things about themselves on the web, of course it's still important to have the cohones & decency to behave with personal integrity regardless of whether or not "someone is watching." It's rather cowardly to behave badly under the cover of anonymity, & it still doesn't excuse the behavior. It certainly does reveal a darker, baser side of some people's natures. That's for sure! If that's the only way for some people to remove their masks & reveal their "true natures" or give them an excuse to give full license to their mood swings, then it's clear that these people really need to work on being a better human beings in general. Some physical exercise would probably also help improve their dispositions too! These people are the ones who probably need to workout the most! ;-)

Abimars said...

Hmmmn, very true. So far I'm really happy with my little blog family, everyone is very supportive and quick to advice... sometimes when I've been bad and haven't run I avoid my blog but it always catches up with me as I start getting comments in my mail ABI WHERE ARE YOU? or HOW'S THE RUNNING GOING? and that just perks me up.
I wish everyone one would play fair but then life isn't fair, I'd just ignore anything not constructive and move on QUICK!

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