Thursday, May 29, 2008

0 Back-to-Back Runs......


Today, I ran for the second day in a row. I normally don't do back-to-back runs, but my schedule this week has been such that I felt I had to run the second run while I still had the time to do so. And truthfully, since I still haven't switched over yet to doing early morning runs (OK, let's not even start with the subject of me just not being a morning person in general!), it was one of the few times I could squeeze in an evening run. ;-)

The run began at 7:59 pm. I did 4 laps around the lake (or 2.96 miles) in 36:12, or an 12:13:47 minute mile pace. I'm not surprised at the doggedly slow pace, as I was fairly tired from running the day before. ;-) But no excuses; it is what it is.

Not really feeling like writing that much more, so that's it for tonight's post. Just think, your eyeballs will barely tire from reading this infinitesimally small entry. ;-)


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