Tuesday, May 13, 2008

2 Mini Run + Longer Solo Run


Tonight my friend & I didn't have much time to run, but we made the most of the time we had. We began our run around 6:40, but only had until 7 pm, because she had to go back to work for an important meeting. So, we did our usual 5-minute warm-up walk, followed by an 8-minute run, 2-minute walk, & 3-minute run, & ended with very short cool-down walk (which was probably less than 5 minutes). It was quick, but effective.

My friend's knee is still puffy, so I urged her to take it easy on the knee. She's a bit worried that once she takes a day off it'll be too easy to stop running, but I told her that I wouldn't let her quit on me that easily! ;-) I expressed that it was more important that she be able to continue running longterm, & if need be, take Thursday off to recuperate & rest her knee. That'd give her until next Tuesday, for our next run, or longer, if she needed to nurse the knee a bit longer.

Then, afterwards I ran an additional 25 minutes (i.e., basically doing the third run of the fifth week of the a href="" target="new">CT5K program).

It was a very good & thorough workout. So good in fact that I reclined on the couch after dinner & ended up taking a little bit of a nap there! ;-) What can I say? I put in a lot of effort earlier tonight, & my legs (& the rest of me) couldn't wait to get a little rest! ;-)

I'm writing this after waking up from that nap. ;-)

The other reason I'm so tuckered is that my schedule has changed significantly (I started a new job a few days ago) & I'm getting up much earlier than I was before. So, of course, the running is all the more important to maximize my energy level. And of course, it's also really important to get to bed early. On that note, I'm heading off to sleep. Have a good night!



Andrew is getting fit said...

Sounds good. I hope you're enjoying the new job.

Blaine Moore said...

If her knee is bothering her she is better off figuring out what is causing the problem than to just try running through it.

Good luck catching up on your sleep; I recommend getting up at the same time every day even on weekends to get your body used to it and expecting it.

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