Tuesday, May 20, 2008

1 Racing For The Cure......


This is kind of last minute, but I decided to participate in the Susan G. Komen National Race for the Cure on June 7, 2008, a 5K race for runners & walkers, to help raise money for breast cancer research in order to find the cure! I just registered for the event early this morning, & have also donated to the cause.

I've run the race before in past years, but this time I'll be joining a corporate team. I was originally hoping to run the race, but since almost everyone else on the team is walking, with the exception of one other person, I'm probably going to walk it, so I can bond with my teammates & get to know them better.

Also, quite honestly, I'm not really ready to race a 5K distance, as I've only run for 25-30 minutes only a few times thus far in the last few weeks! I could obviously run the distance in the physical sense, but it might not feel too great afterwards. ;-)

Frankly, I get really annoyed when people say, "Oh, you can do that, no sweat!" Duh, you idiot, of course I can cover the distance, but that's not the point. People who make these kinds of comments are obviously not runners, & don't understand the first thing about race training. What they don't realize is that you've got to walk before you run, both literally & figuratively speaking! ;-) And also they aren't recognizing that race training & physical conditioning both take time, & if you give a whit about your racing performance, you'll need to be both mentally & physically ready to race. Most prudent runners know that training is cumulative, & that you don't just get up one day without any prior (or sufficient) training & decide to run a race. Atleast not the smart ones anyhow. ;-)

I'm not a wuss, nor am I afraid of racing; I just want to be prepared so I can do my best when it comes time to run a race. But anyhow, enough about this. I'm really looking forward to participating in this upcoming event!

Will any of you also be doing this same race (in two weeks time, on June 7th)? (The Susan G. Komen road-races actually place at different dates & across multiple cities across the country, although the National Race For The Cure takes place in DC on June 7th.)

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TexasTesla said...

Good for you!

I'm participating in the liveSTRONG 5k at the end of June - and yes, I'm running it. (But I have 4 weeks to prepare) My company is putting together a team (and paying our fee - yeah!)...but that won't stop me from running alone if need be.

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