Thursday, May 1, 2008

6 Run 1, Week 5 (CT5K): We're On Our Way.....


My friend & I met for our run at 6:30 pm tonight. It was around 63 degrees, but for some reason felt much colder at the outset. I was wearing a light fleece, which I soon peeled off later after the first running interval. (My friend was also wearing a light layer over her T-shirt.)

This particular run was 4 alternating intervals of 5-minute runs & 3-minute walks. (Yes, been there, done that. ;-) Could probably recite the CT5K plan from memory at this point!) I like these even intervals because they're easy to remember. Even if I should miss the podcast cue (which happens often, due to our frequent gabfests! ;-) ), it's easy enough to look at the clock on my iPod & figure out how many more minutes we've got. ;-)

The run went well. My energy level was very high & again, I had to contain myself from wanting to breakout into a "full gallop." Yes, I can't seem to let go of the "wild horses" analogy from two days ago. ;-)

My friend did a great job -- She finished each interval today without stopping, although I could tell it took her more effort than usual today; she was experiencing a slump in her energy & mentioned that an afternoon snack would probably do the trick. So hopefully that'll help for next time. I'm proud of her for pulling through!

I keep telling her that each time she runs, it'll get easier to complete the runs. (I'm not sure she believes quite me yet -- Hahahahaha! -- but she'll hopefully find out soon enough! ;-) )

Maybe I shouldn't use the word "easy," as each run is it's own experience -- sometimes it's easy & sometimes it's more of a struggle. Rather, what I meant is that her stamina & energy level will gradually increase with each run (i.e., each run is a building block!) & will help her through as she approaches her next running challenge. Building blocks and baby steps. OK, don't ask me what's up with my analogies today. First, it was wild horses, & now it's preschoolers. ;-)

Looking forward to this weekend, it's supposed to be nice this weekend (i.e., in the upper 70's!), so it'll be great incentive to go for a run. Erik's family is coming up for a visit this weekend, but hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in a run at some point.....

Speaking of running this weekend, my friend Steve (a.k.a. cymrusteve of Run Bulldog Run) will be running the Frederick Marathon this Sunday. His goal time is 2:53 (2 hrs. & 53 min.) -- a 6:36 per mile pace. So, let's all wish him a great race!


Eric Gervase said...

Congrats... Looks like things are coming along well. Glad to hear it.

I can't wait to see how Steve does.

TexasTesla said...

Wow, I'm impressed with Steve...I can't manage 6:36 for ONE mile, let alone 26!

The weather here is also supposed to be nice. Hopefully we can do more than just yardwork. Right now, I'm trying to convince my DH to try C25K again with me...but might have to restart it all alone.

cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, Eric! BTW, congrats on your new half-marathon PR. Fantastic job!

TexasTesla: Regarding Steve's goal time, my thoughts exactly! ;-) Enjoy the nice weather -- Hope you get a chance to run outside & enjoy the beautiful weather!

Not to be dense, but what does the "D" in "DH" stand for? All I could discern is that the "H" most likely stands for husband. ;-) Since you mentioned running the CT5K/C25K program again, I was wondering if you'd already completed it but were redoing it again to regain fitness, or if you were planning on running it for the benefit of your "DH" & then also running another program simultaneously? The reason I'm asking is that I remember you saying that you'd already completed a 5K race, so I wasn't sure where you were in your training routine. I also remember you mentioning that you were going to train for a marathon in November (Am I remember that correctly?) -- Is that fall marathon still in the works, or are you going to push back the date & pick another race? There's no shame in doing the latter option; that's what I decided to do after my hiatus from running. ;-)

Andrew is getting fit said...

Glad to hear things are going well.

cymrusteve said...

I agree with everyone above - great to see you turning things around and enjoying the experience of running.

As for me, I'm ready to roll in the morning. I managed to drive the last 8 miles of the marathon course this afternoon and definitely need to save something for a challenging end to the race! Wow, those hills...

Enjoy the weekend everyone,


cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, Andrew! Read your post from today. Sounds you had a very good run today. Great job! You're so lucky to have such a beautiful backdrop for your runs.

Steve - Thanks! I'm really happy to be running again. Hope you have a great race tomorrow. Get ready to attack those hills! ;-)

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