Tuesday, May 6, 2008

2 Run 2, Week 5 (CT5K): Onwards & Upwards!


Just a brief post tonight: My friend has a swollen knee, so we walked around the lake & then I went for a solo run afterwards -- Both went well. I gave my friend some suggestions to reduce the swelling in her knee, & hope for her sake that it's nothing serious.

On a personal/professional note, my life is about to change significantly, starting this upcoming Monday. I've accepted a new job in management, & I'm happy to report that it's not the typical desk job. I'll be active & moving around, so I'm very thankful for that. I prefer to keep the remaining details private at this point, but I did want to write about it, as I'm ecstatic about the growth opportunities of this new position, & wanted to make a brief mention of it! So YEA!


Also, I wanted to give some brief shoutouts to some rather deserving running pals of mine -- Blaine Moore & Steve Speirs, who've both accomplished some pretty fantastic things lately in the wide world of running that deserve to be blogged about & shouted to the skies!

Blaine had an incredible 1st place finish in the Cox Sports Marathon (held on May 4, 2008 in Providence, RI). He even got his mug on TV! He was shown crossing the finish line on ABC 6! (Click on the link to view the footage.) You can also read all about the race on his blog, which contains an excellent, detailed play-by-play report of the race & surrounding events, & if you like, also view the race data on CoolRunning.com. Wow! Congrats on your amazing finish, Blaine!

Place Div/Tot Div Nettime Pace Guntime Name Age S Race# City/state Teamcat Team
1     1/151    M0139 2:43:27  6:15  2:43:28  Blaine Moore 28 M  438 Portland ME

And not to be outdone ;-), Steve also got some press for his amazing performance in the Frederick Marathon. He was mentioned in the Washington Post no less, for his stellar finish in the Frederick Marathon! He even beat (or rather "whomped"!) his own race prediction (of 2:53) by a few minutes & seconds, finishing the race with an incredible time of 2:51:36, & taking 3rd place overall in the Frederick Marathon, & 1st place in the Masters category! It was his second fastest marathon ever! Wowowowowowow! Whoopeeee!!!!!!

You can also read more about it on Steve's blog. He's got a wonderful report of the race, & there are also some great photos of him running the marathon at various points along the route (which were taken by his daughter).

I'm beaming with happiness & pride for both of them! So congrats, guys! Superfantastic jobs, both of you!

So please join with me in congratulating them on their fantastic & awe-inspiring running performances!

And for those of you fellow running "penguins" out there, I just want to say this: There's no harm in, just for a brief moment, living vicariously through both of their fabulous achievements! ;-) Their accomplishments are certainly a great source of inspiration for the rest of us! And who knows what you can accomplish if you just put your mind to it!

Now, I don't know that I'll ever be running a 2:43:27 or 2:51:36 marathon, or anywhere near it anytime soon in my lifetime ;-), but right now, I'd be happy to just complete my very first one! Then after that, we'll see. ;-)


Blaine Moore said...

Thanks for the shout out!

The race was a lot of fun, and it was a great experience. Now all I have t do is find another one that I can win...heheh.

cymrusteve said...

Yes, I echo what Blaine said - thanks so much for the shout out!

My race was a lot of fun too, despite running the last 10 miles on my own and all without the safety net of my Garmin and/or stopwatch.

Congrats to Blaine once again. Good luck on your next one and Corey, good luck on your first one - whenever and wherever that might be.


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