Wednesday, May 7, 2008

2 Thank Goodness For Glucosamine Chondroitin!


As many of the regular readers of this blog already know, I've been taking glucosamine chondroitin on a semi-regular basis. I am specifically taking it to strengthen & protect the joints in my knees & ankles, & have found it be genuinely useful/effective thus far.

I don't really feel like explaining all about the supplement -- its purpose, benefits, etc. -- but if you are curious, you can check the below articles for some good background info:

University of Maryland Medical Center article (Overview)
NCCAM article (Results of their Glucosamine & Chondroitin sulfate study)
ConsumerLab Glucosamine chondroitin product review (Paid subscription service)

Anyhow, since my running buddy recently asked me for a specific product recommendation, I thought I'd share the information here, in case anyone was curious about it or considering taking the supplement themselves:

I get triple-strength caplets from CVS. They're nothing fancy, just the generic CVS brand. They come in various sizes (80, 180, etc.).

BTW, it looks like CVS's online store is currently having a 33% off sale on glucosamine chondroitin, if you're interested:

Glucosamine chondroitin (80 caplets)
Glucosamine chondroitin(180 caplets)

A small word of warning: As my running buddy put it, these pills are "freakin' huge." ;-) If you're not accustomed to swallowing large pills (a.k.a., "horse pills"!), you might want to seek out other alternatives.

I imagine you can also pick up similar versions of the supplement at a generic grocery store, Costco, GNC, or The Vitamin Shoppe, etc.

I've also seen ads & information about a product known as Joint Juice, but can't vouch for it as I've never tried it. ;-) Has anyone here ever tried it? If so, what do you think of it, as compared to other glucosamine products you've tried (if any)?

So, does anyone want to chime in here on their own experiences, preferred brands, or recommendations based upon personal use? (Please note, this is not an opportunity for companies to SPAM me with ads, whether bogus or real. ;-) I will only publish comments which are personal testimonies from REAL human beings with valid, verifiable identities, & not from some bot or random username which doesn't have a real name or identity attached to it. Got it?!)


cymrusteve said...

Horse pills? Love it! It usually takes me about three attempts to swallow a typical horse pill...

My personal favorite is Hammer Nutrition's "Tissue Rejuvenator". I won't post a link to my blog review as it contains several affiliate links and I wouldn't want to go against CTAC (Corey's Terms and Conditions)

However, a quick Google for "Tissue Rejuvenator" will give you all the info you could possibly need.

I will say I've been taking 4 capsules a day since early in the year and I can definitely notice a huge difference in joint soreness and recovery time. As an example, the day after Sunday's Frederick Marathon I ran an easy 6 miles with no pain.

Hope that helps a teeny bit,


cyberpenguin said...

Hahahaha! You crack me up! ;-)

Great comments, Steve!

Thanks for the recommendation. Appreciate it greatly!

And don't worry; you can post your links here. I was mainly addressing those folks who only post comments to promote their products & don't care a lick about reading anything written on my blog. ;-) (I'm sure most bloggers can relate to this!) But you are not in that category at all, so feel free to post links to your heart's content.

Glad to hear the "Tissue Rejuvenator" helped you in your marathon this past weekend. Wow, & you ran an easy, pain-free 6 miles the DAY afterwards. Amazing! you could be a walking advertisement for Hammer Nutrition. ;-) Of course, it's also a testament to your fabulous overall fitness & conditioning.

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