Sunday, June 15, 2008

0 I Know, I Know! There are Some "Missing" Posts......


Yes, there are a few "missing" posts, i.e., ones still in draft form about the race & a few other runs I haven't yet posted. After I post these backdated posts, be sure to refresh your browsers & feed readers to pick up the "missing" posts. ;-)

We won't even start about the "missing" post about my review of Spirit of the Marathon. LOL. Most of you have probably already long forgot about that one anyhow. Oops, now I've just reminded you. Oh darn it. Heheheheh. That'll eventually be posted, or maybe not at this point, since it's about several months too late. Hahahahaha.

We'll see how much time I've got to work on that! Frankly, not a big priority right now, but you should see the race report & the other running posts appear sometime in the next several days......

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