Thursday, June 26, 2008

1 New Goal-Setting Metrics: Numbers, Graphs, & Pie-Charts, Oh My!


In case you haven't noticed, I'm beginning to use metrics more & more. I might have to eat my words regarding an earlier claim of disliking numerical precision, because I'm finding the numbers to be so very useful in gauging/tracking my progress, that I can no longer deny their importance, especially now that I've adopted a different (i.e., a kinder, gentler, & less obsessive!) attitude towards them. Yes, as hard as it is for me to admit it, my numerical data & I have now become "happy companions." ;-)

Anyhow, one particular metric I like is the "percent to goal" figure. So much so, in fact, that I've decided to use it to track all of my quantifiable goals. In fact, I'll now be deferring to the numbers in a big way, & will primarily list my goals in terms of numerical data (number of weeks, percent to goal, etc.).

I actually like math a lot, (I never said or meant to imply that I didn't!), although I still could care less about calculating certain facts & figures -- Frankly, I don't give two hoots about how many kilowatts, amperes, or joules are being conducted through various pieces of electronic equipment, unless it directly impacts something relevant or important that I care about! ;-) I'm not some dweeb that dwells on insignificant, numerical "minutia." If I'm going to talk numbers in this blog, it's going to be in direct correlation to a salient, real-world application, thank you very much.

[OK, I do have to admit that I love the math behind theoretical physics, but then again, there's a point to it all. It's not being done as some useless pissing contest (i.e., "My hard drive is bigger than your hard drive," etc., etc.) to make oneself feel important. Ahem, not that I'm referring to any specific gender or profession, or of course, claim to have witnessed any conversations like this before in my life. -- LOL. But back to the subject....]

So, from now on, I vow to reform my ways: Instead of writing those big, long, (& yes, overblown!) analyses of my progress in various areas, I'm going to begin charting my progress numerically, & then simply just analyze the data.

As the saying goes, "The numbers rarely lie."


So, for example, from now on, this is how I'll now chart my goals & progress:

SHORT-TERM GOALS (6/07/08-/17/08):

As of 6/26/08:

(1) BOHR: 30 total workouts (in 10 wks.). 7 out of 30 workouts completed, or 23.3% to goal.
HPTP: 18 total workouts (in 6 wks.). 3 out of 18 workouts completed, or 16.7% to goal.

(1) 15 lbs. total to lose by 8/17/08, or 5 lbs. each month. Lost 1.8 lbs out of a total of 15, or 12% to goal.
(2) 10% BF to lose by 8/17/08. Lost 1.9% out of a possible 10% total, or 19% to goal.

At the current rate of completion, I'm on schedule for all of the above goals [target completion date (8/17/08)].


So there it is: Simple, short, & sweet. Sometimes brevity can be a beautiful thing.

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Andrew is getting fit said...

There is a certain beauty in tracking the numbers. :)

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