Saturday, June 21, 2008

0 Race Results: Run For The Roses 5K


OK, I just got back home for my lunch break, & Erik told me that the official race results are now in. So, here they are:

Race Results: MCRRC Run for Roses 5K

[I see that there were actually slightly more runners than I originally guestimated -- 339 runners, to be exact -- in this race, & that the 9 year-old actually finished in 25:45, which is still pretty darned good! I finished 190th out of 339 runners overall (i.e., in the 56th percentile) & 29th out of 52 total runners in my age category (i.e., also in the 56th percentile). (Eek, now you know my age!)]

My personal stats are as follows:

Place Div/Tot  Num   Name          S  Net T  Gun T  Pace
190 29/52 142 Corey Irwin F 32:08 32:11 10:22

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