Sunday, June 15, 2008

0 Run 1, Week 2 (BOHR): Sleeprunning!



Start Time: 7:40 am (5-minute warm-up walk began at 7:35 am)
Temperature: 65 degrees (Fahrenheit)
Humidity: 92%
Distance: 2.96 mi (4 laps around lake)
Time: 33:49 min
Pace: 11:25 minute-mile

I had a slow start this morning & didn't pile out of bed until 7:15 am. First I found myself "sleepwalking" & then "sleeprunning" ;-) during this morning's warm-up walk & run. ;-) Today's run brought home the meaning of Cymrusteve's earlier comment (on Friday's post) about the pace of morning runs feeling like they're faster than they actually are due to being half-asleep while running!

The really good news is that I shaved off almost a minute off my pace from this Friday's run. That's a significant improvement! Yea!!!!!!

I think it had a lot to do with today's weather & my feisty morning attitude. It was overcast & there was a cool breeze, which felt like heaven, especially on the side of the lake where it tends to be very sunny & hot.

One half of the lake (next to the shops & restaurants) is unshaded & tends to be very hot & sunny in the summer, but it's a welcome relief in the winter. And of course, the reverse is true of the shaded side of the lake: It feels great in the summer, but is a bit chilly in the winter. So, it turns out to be a bit of a mental game; I have to steel myself in the sun & repeat positive internal messages to myself about being strong & feeling good, etc., etc., & redirect my mind to my running mantra to take the focus off the humidity & hot, beating sun.

I forgot to mention earlier that for the last few runs I've been taking a very quick 3-5 minute stretching break at the half-way point of my runs. I stretch a bit in the beginning, but it feels much better to do the majority of my stretching once the body's warmed up. This is actually a recommended way to stretch as the body is less prone to injury when you do what's called a "warm stretch." Today's stretch was "warm" in more ways than one, as I'd stopped to stretch in a rather sunny spot. 8-) It also usually helps to revitalize my second half of the run, although today after I'd stopped to stretch, I frankly didn't want to pick up the second half of run & finish it out. But of course, I quickly dismissed that unproductive thought & got back on the trail to pound out the second half & focus on the trail. My body did feel refreshed, even if my mind was putting up some initial resistance! ;-)

One last comment & then I've got to get ready for work: I'm sure you've probably noticed the addition of the "stats" section at the beginning of my runs, which I began on Friday, 6/13/08. Who says good things can't start on Friday the 13th?! ;-) My pace was the only "curse" that day! Hahahahaha.

But seriously, this should also help condense the content of posts documenting weekly runs. Hopefully this will also mean more time spent running & less time spent blabbing about it! LOL.

Hope you like this new addition....

Peace out, boyz & grrlz. ;-)


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