Wednesday, June 25, 2008

0 Run 1, Week 3 (BOHR): A Fast, Cool Evening Run



Start Time: 8:29 pm (11-minute warm-up walk began at 8:18 pm)
Temperature: 77 degrees (Fahrenheit)
Humidity: 43%
Distance: 2.96 mi (4 laps around lake)
Time: 31:54 min
Pace: 10:46:37 minute-mile

Well, today was my fastest pace yet this year (since 1/8/08, when I ran 2.96 miles in 32:31, or a 10:59 minute-mile pace). Who-hoooo!

Now, I am continuing to stretch for a minutes after the 2 lap marker (& also pause my stopwatch), which does allow for some recovery time, but still I'll take that new record! ;-)

Of course, the true test will be when I don't stop midway to stretch.

My current progress makes me really hopeful that I can keep whittling down my time even further. I can't wait until I crack 10:30 minute miles!

What I'd really love to do is to run 9-minute miles. And then run 26.2 of them. LOL. OK, one step at a time. ;-)

Now it's time for pushups......

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