Friday, June 27, 2008

0 Run 2, Week 3 (BOHR): Running Fast,Then Not So Fast! ;-)



Start Time: 8:27 am (5-minute warm-up walk began at 8:21 am)
Temperature: 77 degrees (Fahrenheit) (With the humidity, it felt more like 87!)
Humidity: 63% (Yikes!)
Distance: 2.96 mi (4 laps around lake)
Time: 33:30 min
Pace: 11:19 minute-mile

Really got to get to work, so this post is going to be a quickie. I did the first two laps in about 15:48 min or so, or a 10:40:32 minute mile, stopped for about a minute or two to stretch, then kind of bit it in the heat on the last two laps. (I really have to start running earlier; otherwise, I'm going to turn into a dried husk!)

So by the powers of deduction, that means that I did the final two laps in 17:42 minutes, or about a 11:57:34 minute-mile. Yikes!

(Yes, I keep forgetting to hit the "lap" button on my stopwatch. ;-) )

At about three-quarters through lap 3, I became very dehydrated, & out of desperation for water, dipped my hands in the fountain & then also asked the gardeners to spray me as they were watering the flower beds. Hey, it was really hot & humid, OK?!

OK, got to hop in the shower & get to work pronto! Bye!

Hope you all have a nice weekend!


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