Friday, June 13, 2008

3 Run 3, Week 1 (BOHR): Early Morning Run!



Start Time: 7:31 am (10 minute warm-up walk began at 7:16 am)
Temperature: 75 degrees (Fahrenheit)
Distance: 2.96 mi (4 laps around lake)
Time: 36:00 min
Pace: 12:09 minute-mile

OK, so I can see why people run in the morning. The peace & quiet, & total absence of activity (other than the scant few runners & walkers on the trail) make it complete & utter bliss. Almost NO people, NO noise, NO pollution or smokers, and NO bad smells. (I've got a very sensitive nose; my sister jokes that I should've worked at a perfume factory as a "nose" -- or le nez, as they call it.) And on my runner's "list of bliss" for that's "Check, check, check, & check." ;-)

While I right popped out of bed at 5 am this morning (having fallen asleep on the couch at around 10 pm!), I honestly still can't claim to be a morning person just yet; the numbers today certainly reflect that (!) & also probably some ongoing gastrointestinal disturbances (no details, I promise!), continued overheating issues, & a slightly puffy right knee (due to all the walking I've been doing in my new job; new comfortable-&-supportive-but-yet-professional-looking shoes are on my "to buy" list!).

I estimate that it's going to take me about 2 weeks to acclimate to morning running & the heat/humidity factor.

Today I didn't pay attention at all to my stopwatch & had a decidedly "internal run." It felt great, although I know I probably shouldn't do this all the time, or I'm going to continue to run the pace of a snail. ;-) But right now, I'm giving myself some leeway, due to the many new factors that've recently been added into my life & workout routine.

I figure that this is my time & space to let my mind wander freely, as my job requires my complete concentration & undivided attention for 8-10+ hours straight per day; the job takes a lot of physical & mental energy -- I have to be "on" all day, & am not really allowed any down-time, save my lunch/dinner break. Also, everything about the new job is very regimented, which I'm frankly not used to at all. I have to be on time, to the minute, which is again, something I'm not used to doing.

In my previous jobs (obviously not counting my previous period of full-time self-employment!), I had a bit more latitude & didn't have an exact time I had to show up at work; not only was there was an acceptable range for my start time, but it was of my own choosing. ;-)

However, the nature of my work requires this kind of exact promptness. At first, I honestly felt somewhat rebellious towards this limitation, even though I of course complied with it, (there are strict penalties for noncompliance). (Yes, I already know that just based on my dislike of regimentation & anal-retentive precision, I wouldn't be a good candidate for the military!!!! ;-) ). I'm an independent soul at heart; it's not that I purposely seek to "buck the system," but rather just have my own way of doing things. ;-) I cringe when people attempt to impose external limitations or obligations on me -- I detest feeling "squeezed"! -- & hope to goodness that no one from work is reading this blog. ;-) But seriously, I realize it's just something I have to overcome. I know that deep down the time-limitations, fast pace, & regimentation are actually GOOD for me (Geez, I hate to admit that!), as I have a tendency to approach certain activities (like my writing!) with a certain limitless abandon. While I'm fairly good at time-management in terms of my career, I like to be more open-ended when it comes to the activities in my personal life. (Again, it comes back to the not wanting to feel "squeezed" thing.) However, I also realize that maybe it'd be better to put time limits on these activities, as it'd certainly allow me to get even more done!

Also, on a related note, I need to work on summarization & concision (Wow, that's nakedly honest! ;-) ); as the readers of this blog surely already know (!), it's never been my strong suit. [If I had my way & could have an unending amount of time to write or speak, I'd prefer to spin long & winding fantastical tales, instead of rat-a-tat-tat-ing points like some kind of machine gun, Yes, I love to tell a good story & could (& would like to!) write a book at some point. ;-) My writings have been published before, but not a full-length novel. That's next on the to-do list. ;-)]

I think my new job will help me get to the point faster, & reduce the amount of time it takes for the thoughts to crystallize in my mind. With writing, one typically has more time to reflect upon "the end product," but with speaking, of course, one doesn't always have this same luxury. While I always fancied myself a good communicator, I think that there are still "areas of opportunity" in which to further improve in both of these areas. The way I look at it, I can only grow & improve from the experience. Where there is a challenge, there is room for growth. And in circumstances of uncertainty, all is possible.

OK, enough ruminating & internal reflection for now. And speaking of time management, I need to go & get ready for work! Bye!


TexasTesla said...

You are better than I...I just cannot make a morning run work for me. I'm always stuffy when I wake up, and find that 10 minutes in I'm coughing and cannot breathe! I don't have that problem at lunchtime, when I normally I'm 100% not a morning person. :-)

cymrusteve said...

Morning running is tough indeed, but it is a good option when the daytime temperature is so high.

I always think I'm running faster in the morning than I actually am, but that's probably due to the fact that I'm still half asleep.

Some people swear by it, others swear at it. I'll do it when I have to, but would prefer a late afternoon run any time!

Keep up the good work,


cyberpenguin said...

Hi "TT" & Steve! Nice to hear from you both!

@TT: It's not that I love getting up early in the morning to run - BELIEVE me! ;-) -- It's that the mornings seem to be the only time I can run & still breathe in this heat & humidity! 8-)

Do you possibly have allergies? That might account for the coughing & stuffiness you're experiencing?! Or if not, maybe your area just has a high pollen count?! (That's the case where I live; even people who don't have allergies are affected!)

So, what's your evening weather like for running?!


@Steve: Since most races tend to be around 8 am, I imagine it's also good training! 8-) You've run a lot of early morning marathons & still seem to do quite well, so apparently your body adapts well to the time changes! What do you think your ideal time of day would be to run?! Afternoons or evenings?

LOL, regarding the half-asleep comment! 8-)

If I could have my choice, I'd also run in the evenings; but right now, with my schedule (& the current weather!), that option isn't always the best choice for me.

Some questions for you: Before your early AM marathons, do you tend to run in the mornings to acclimate to the time shift? Or if not, do you think you'd run faster if you did an evening race?! ;-)

Also, I remember you once wrote Abi about how to calculate one's approximate body fat percentage if you don't have a body fat scale. Or perhaps that was a calculation for the recommended body fat percentage at certain weights (for men & women)?! Can't remember.... I'm trying to figure out what my body fat percentage should be at my current height & weight & bone density. I'd love to get down to 14-18%, to have an athletic BF%, but am not sure if this is realistic or not, based on my body composition/structure. Have any suggestions for good resources to calculate this information? Would appreciate your input on this, as you're very knowledgeable on the subject. Thanks!

How do you think your training's been coming along? Are you up to those 100 pushups yet? ;-)


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