Monday, June 23, 2008



My sister recently discovered the site, & mentioned it me, so I thought I'd likewise pass along the resource to all of you.

I was curious to see how the route mapping features differed from the existing site that I use, After walking through the site's tutorial, I noticed that the mapping features are a tad bit more intuitive, with the added bonus that you can add pictures & notes to your route, & also print the map after you're done. You can also search against other people's routes for running route suggestions. Also, it appears that the routes you add are publicly accessible by default unless you register & login, & then select/toggle the "private" option.

So are any of you currently using this site? If so, what do you think of it?

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crossn81 said...

There are lots of great mapping tools out there and I believe all of them allow you to print off your map in some form or other. The site I used the most is which also allows you to great a permanent hyperlink to your map. The USATF also has a great mapping function which you can search other runner's routes and add your own.

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