Friday, June 13, 2008

0 Short-Term Goal Review: Moving Ahead...... So What's Next?


It's that time again. Time to think about what comes next. To reassess where I am & where I'm going, & in all likelihood, "move the goal posts" & also set new training goals.

Right now, I'm just going to concentrate on short-term (i.e., 3 months & under) goals:

Current assessment: So, given the fact that I'm now well past CT5K -- in terms of my fitness level & overall conditioning, I'm now officially going to move onto the BOHR training program (yes, once again!) & will count the 5K race I ran on 6/7/08 & the last 2 30-minute runs (i.e., from this past Wednesday, 6/11/08, & today!) towards the first week of runs.

Like my pal, Abi, I'm going to continue challenging myself & facing my fears head on by entering (Gasp!) more road races! The National Race for the Cure was my first road road in a long while, & it kicked off my desire to get back into racing. I didn't think I was mentally (or physically!) ready, but when the opportunity presented itself, I went for it & was very glad I did. (So Abi, there's some more motivation for you to do your upcoming race! ;-) )

OK, so here are my next set of goals:

SHORT-TERM GOALS (6/07/08-8/17/08):
--Complete BOHR by 8/17/08.
--Lose 15 lbs. by 8/17/08. (That's 5 lbs. a month, which is very realistic, particularly because it allows for fluctuations & plateaus. Not sure what that'd be in terms of BF%, but it'd be nice if I could lose 5-10% BF. Cymrusteve had a great formula for calculating this. Will have to ask him again about it.....)
-- Register & train for 2 races: Run For the Roses 5K (6/21/08, 8:00 am) & Rockville Twilighter 8K (7/19/08, 8:45 pm).(Not sure how ready I'll be for the second one, given the training time line.)

Becoming A One-Hour Runner (BOHR) (6/07-8/17/08) (✓):
Wk 1-3: 30 min x 3. (90 min.)
Wk 4: 30, 29, 35. (94 min.)
Wk 5: 30, 32, 38. (100 min.)
Wk 6: 30, 33, 41. (104 min.)
Wk 7: 30, 34, 45. (109 min.)
Wk 8: 30, 36, 49. (115 min.)
Wk 9: 30, 38, 54. (122 min.)
Wk 10: 30, 40, 60. (130 min.)

Tips (from Kathrine Switzer): "When you are trying to increase your distance, some days feel good and others feel awful. Listen to your body. Be willing to back off. There is no hurry. These schedules are designed for the best possible circumstances, and sometimes you just need more time to adapt. Never move on to the next higher distance until you feel totally comfortable with the one you did today."

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