Wednesday, July 30, 2008

0 Are Some People Just Crazy?! Debating The Merits of Running In Record High Temperatures & Humidity


Today, when I was coming home from work, I saw more than 10 people running on the side of the road. It was around 6 pm & hot & humid as blazes. In fact, there was a high heat advisory today; temperatures reached 96 degrees, with humidity remaining at 99% for a good bit of the day. And, on top of that, there's also a thunderstorm advisory currently in effect. Why would you want to mess with Mother Nature like that?! Don't these people know it's dangerous to tangle with "the elements"?!

Judging from most of their facial expressions, many of these folks frankly looked like they were D.O.A. & not enjoying the high heat & humidity in the least bit. So, considering the obvious dangers & discomforts, my question then becomes, "Why do it?"

I mean, if you know it's going to be THAT hot, why not just run in the morning, or go indoors & run on a treadmill? Doh!

Now is it really necessary to run in crazy, unsafe weather? Really? C'mon. It's just common sense at that point.

I couldn't help but wonder: Are these people stupid, ill-informed, or just half-cracked or something?! ;-) I know some people enjoy flying in the face of danger & tempting fate, but when it comes to personal safety, I personally don't think it's worth it to risk one's health for something as un-thrilling as a thunder storm or high heat. If you've really are "jonesing" for some real danger, go climb K2 or Mount Everest. (Now that's not a serious inducement to do anything dangerous -- it's being said in jest, so I absolve myself of any liabilities!)

On second thought, if you are Erik, & happen to be reading this, I know that's your big fantasy expedition, but please don't do that. A postcard of Nepal will do just fine. ;-) I like my friends, family, & fiancé coming home in one piece -- & not in a body bag, thank you very much.

After all, just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.

Or, if you're just seeking to preserve the illusion of danger, (so you can brag to your friends about it later - LOL!), I have one word for you: Photoshop. Yes, go ahead & superimpose a headshot photo of yourself onto the body of a bungee jumper or a skydiver jumping out of a plane. ;-) Sure, why not!?! Have a field day, & a good laugh. And then just go back to doing something sensible. How about an ultramarathon instead?! ;-)

OK, so I'm not exactly the type to climb K2 or jump out of a plane window without first asking several questions, & you know what?! I'm perfectly OK with that. ;-)

That's not to say I don't love a challenge. But that challenge will probably take the form of marathons, possibly bi- & triathalons, or maybe even an ultra event one of these days. But that has no bearing on my strong adherence to the application of common sense principles. Given the option, I'd rather run smartly, & still be around to run another day.

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