Sunday, July 13, 2008

1 The Rockville Twilighter 8K (+ 1K Fun Run) Is Next Weekend!


This upcoming Saturay's 23rd Annual Rockville Rotary Twilight Runfest, (a.k.a., "The Twilighter,") is one of the oldest races in the DC area. It's a big event, & the entire community comes out to support it!

The race is one big party. (The festival itself begins at 7 pm; the 8K wheelchair race starts at 8:40 pm, the 8K race starts at 8:45 pm, & the 1K Fun Run begins at 8:50 pm.) Local residents come out to cheer on the runners & there's a famous post-race festival, with free refreshments, live entertainment, music, dancing, & random prizes for registered runners. It's billed as "Rockville's biggest summer block party."

Although Erik & I won't be racing in the 8K this year, we are still really looking forward to participating in the events of the day. We both signed up for the 1K Fun Run & are amped for the after-party! (We've both accepted the fact that we're just not ready to race an 8K quite yet. Maybe in a few months though..... I'm definitely want to do the Twilighter next year!)

I originally wanted to volunteer for the race; however, since some of the volunteer dates conflict with my work schedule, & volunteers must be available for all of the scheduled days, I won't be able to volunteer for this particular event. :-(

I still want to volunteer for some of the upcoming local races; it's supposed to be a great experience, & is of course a great way to support both the running community & the local community at large. A lot of the volunteers are of course members of our local RRCA chapter, & I'd really like to meet more people from our club. (BTW, our county's running club is one of the biggest in the nation!)

Race proceeds benefit the Rockville Youth Recreation Fund, which "enables Rockville youth to participate in fee-paid recreation programs they might not otherwise be able to afford and other Rotary-supported charities."


I'm really looking forward to going to this event! A few of my friends have run it in past years, & from everything I've heard, it's supposed to be a lot of fun. It's been something I've wanted to do for years! Of course, I'd love to be ready to run the actual 8K race -- However, I am looking forward to the 1K Fun Run & the after-party!

I am determined to be ready for this race next year. It's going to happen, I tell you. Come hell or highwater. I will be ready for it next year!

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Andrew is getting fit said...

It sounds like a blast!

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