Tuesday, July 15, 2008

0 Geeking Out With Stats: The Numbers Game


SHORT-TERM GOALS (6/07/08 - 8/17/08):

Here's the latest & greatest goal status report, as of 7/15/08:

(1) BOHR: 30 total workouts (in 10 wks.). 13 out of 30 workouts completed, or 43.3% to goal. (17 remaining workouts.)
(2) HPTP: 18 total workouts (in 6 wks.). 5 out of 18 workouts completed, or 27.8% to goal. (13 remaining workouts).

(1) 15 lbs. total to lose by 8/17/08, or 5 lbs. each month. Lost 6.6 lbs so far out of a total of 15, or 44% to goal. (8.4 more lbs. to go.)
(2) 10% BF to lose by 8/17/08. Lost 2.4% so far out of a possible 10% total, or 24% to goal. (7.6% more BF% points to go.)

--At the current rate of completion, I'm on schedule for only one of the above goals [target completion date (8/17/08)]: HPTP.
--The BOHR program is approximately 1 week behind schedule.
--Given the current timeline & rate of progress, it's unlikely that I'll meet both the weight loss & body fat loss goals by 8/17/08. A more realistic deadline for both of these goals would be the adjusted projected target dates of 9/15/08 & 11/15/08 respectively. I estimate that I'll reach my weight goal before the body fat goal; realistically speaking, it's going to take a lot more time to whittle down the body fat percentage.

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