Wednesday, July 16, 2008

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Hi All,

I just wanted to point out a cool new resource called As the tag line of the website says, the point of the site is to "unite runners on the web." And I'm all for that! (And I'm guessing you probably are too! ;-) )

The site provides useful content on running-related topics, including all sorts of tips & resources. There's also a running forum, where you can discuss all sorts of topics (including the latest running books, etc.), & a video library. And on top of that, the site is also a running blog directory, organized by city.

Wanna have your blog listed on the site? Just email Ryan your blog title & URL, & your city & he'll add you to the directory. Don't see your city? No problem: Just email Ryan & he'll add it!

But the site's more than just a bunch of links & resources. It's a way to connect runners to each other, & more specifically, to help runners in the same geographical regions find each other!

It's an international site (Yay!), & the last time I checked it contained a listing of cities from the United States, Canada, Germany, India, Kenya, Malta, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

(Hey, Steve, BTW, I happen to see another Welshman from Austin, TX. So do you happen to know him?! Hahahahaha, JUUUUUST kidding. ;-) )

In fact, I see many friends & familiar faces listed there already: Andrew, Steve, Blaine, Marcy, RunnerGirl, & Consta, just to name a few.

So how about the rest of you runner-bloggers joining us?!

And then there's little ole' moi, all by my lonesome. :-( I can hear an echo-echo-echo-echo in there. ;-) So Zvi, & the rest of you DC-MD-NOVA people, how about joining me?! It'd certainly be nice to have the company!

To directly quote the about section of Ryan's website: "The goal of this site is to provide a central location for all running bloggers to gather. After doing a lot of searching, I realized that many really good blogs weren't getting much traffic and very few in any comments. It was immediately obvious that certain runners would benefit reading each other's blog, especially those in the same city. Not too long after, i decided to open RunYourCity..... Thank you for visiting. If you have a running blog that you would like to add to this site, please email me with a link to your blog. I'll definitely check it out and as long as it is mainly about running, I'll add it. Please also indicate which city you live in, so I can connect you to the right people."

So how about helping a nice guy out & also helping the running community to expand its connections & its reach, all while helping yourself out in the process! I'm sure Ryan would be really grateful if you could all take two seconds to blog about his site to help spread the word.


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