Saturday, July 12, 2008

2 D1W2 (HPC): Even With No Pushups for Two Plus Weeks, I Still Feel Like An Invincible Pushup Machine!


So my latest idea is to do my pushups on the same days as my runs. I figure that since both workout programs are supposed to be done 3 days a week, it just makes more sense to synchronize the days of these workouts. Plus, that way, it'll be easier to remember to do my pushups! (The running usually gets done, but it often takes more resolve for me to do the other complementary activities -- i.e., my thrice-weekly pushup intervals, & the situps & leg lifts that I have yet to schedule & do! ;-) )

Well, I thought I was going to have to start the Hundred Pushups Challenge (HPC) from scratch, due to the 2-week+ long hiatus since my last pushup workout, but alas, no. I just picked up where I left off & did the requisite number of pushup intervals (3, 6, 9) for Day 1 of Week 2, & it felt just fine. So I've decided to push on (pun intended!) & continue as if there hadn't been any breaks or time-off between these workouts.

Is it just me or am I starting to feel strong?! ;-) I felt like I could do thirty pushups today, even though my last pushup workout was more than 2 weeks ago.


cymrusteve said...

sounds like you *are* getting strong and have maintained whatever strength you attained in those first couple of weeks.

it's nice to get both workouts out of the way on the same day isn't it?

good luck with the rest of the plan!


cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, Steve! It *does* feel really great on so many levels to continually see noticeable improvements in my overall fitness. ;-)

You're likewise making some great progress with your push-ups & abs workouts! Kudos to you for putting in all that effort!

I see that you're doing the same thing -- i.e., doing your pushups & running on the same days. Or is that just because you run almost every day, so thus they'll always be synchronized?! ;-)

So, how did the Muddy Buddy go?! (I checked your blog yesterday & today for the race report, but didn't see one. I know it's sometimes a challenge to find the time to complete race reports -- Look how long it took me to write my race report for the National Race for the Cure! ;-) I'll just keep my eyes pealed for yours.....) Hope it went well!


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