Monday, July 21, 2008

0 D2W1 (HPC): The Pushups are Done; Can I Go To Sleep Now?! ;-)


Got to get to bed soon, so this post's going to be super short: Today's pushup workout called for intervals of 12, 12, 10, 10, & a max of atleast 10 pushups. Here's what I did: 12, 12, 10, 10, 15. (And tonight, while I rested less than 90 seconds between the first three sets, I did, in fact, take the full 90 seconds of rest preceding the last 2 pushup intervals.)

Even though my arms started to shake around the 8th pushup of the 4th interval set, I was still determined to squeak out 15 pushups on my last set, in order to equal the max set I did on Day 1. Oh, were my arms feeling it on the last set. Ouch! Boy, am I happy that tonight's pushup workout is over.


The one concern I have is that I'm only two days into the program, & already I feel fairly sore during the final two interval sets. At this rate, how am I going to make it through to Week 6?! Frankly, when I'm getting ready (i.e., mentally preparing) to do my pushups, I usually can't think past completing the next interval set of my current pushup workout!

So, is it normal to be so fatigued during the final max set so early into the program? Should my arms be ready to give out by the last 5 pushups of the last interval so early into the workout program?! Is that a good sign, because it means that I'm putting in the effort & really working my triceps to the max?! Or is it because, maybe after all, I should really be resting the full 90 seconds between all of the intervals?!

I also wonder, am I really doing enough pushups for the max set?! What's the norm for other ladies out there who're doing max sets? Also, I'm curious to know how many ladies are doing girl-style pushups & how many ladies are gutting it out with regular, full-on pushups?!

[Frankly, I've always thought of myself as a person with a great deal of arm strength -- This is honestly not said to brag, but I often find that I'm (naturally) much stronger than the majority of women I know/encounter. However, right now, my biceps are definitely stronger than my triceps -- i.e., one of the primary muscle groups used/exercised during a pushups workout. For the ladies who are doing this pushups program, how do you think you stack up against other women in terms of arm strength? Would you say that your arm strength is above-average, below-average, or just average?! How many pushups can do you do? And how many pounds can you typically lift above your head?! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic.]

Anyone (in general) care to compare notes & voice their opinion about their own HPC experiences?! How are the rest of you finding this workout?! At what point in your interval sets do your arms usually start fatiguing?!

OK, hope you all have a good night!


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