Wednesday, July 16, 2008

3 D3W2 (HPC): Another Day, A Few More Pushups


OK, I just did Day 3 of Week 2 of the Day Hundred Pushups Challenge (HPC): 4, 8, 12 pushups (with a 120 sec. rest in between each interval). I didn't need the full 120-second resting periods, resting instead for about 30 seconds between first two intervals, & for about a minute between the second & third/final intervals. This time, I didn't start to tire until about the 10th pushup of the final set, but did have to put in a tad bit more effort for the final 2 push-ups.

Looking ahead to Day 1 of Week 3, I see that there are considerably more pushups coming around the corner: 12, 15, 17 pushups (with a 60 sec. rest between each interval). Hmmmm, better appreciate tonight's relatively easy workout. It looks like it's going to be the last one, as the "Ouch!" factor is most likely just around the corner. ;-)


Andrew is getting fit said...

Week 03 is a killer!

cymrusteve said...

Great work on the first two weeks. Good luck on week 3! :)

I had to repeat the third week but was able to complete it on the second attempt.

Looks like your running is going well too. Well done...


Colin said...

Nice program there; I'm going to give it a try too!

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