Monday, July 21, 2008

1 Mentioned On Major Websites!


I couldn't help but notice that my pal Cymrusteve's pushup website,, has been getting a great deal of notice lately on the internet. The number of people who've officially signed up for the pushup challenge itself (& who are also blogging about it!) is certainly awe-inspiring. And the amount of press this site is getting is simply staggering. Way to go, Steve!

Check out the following articles: article article -- The article has 2711 Diggs! (on

There are even You Tube videos of people doing the hundred pushups program. ;-)


So of course I had to congratulate Steve, in the form of an enthusiastic comment on his running blog:

Hi Steve,

I’m sure you’ve probably already seen this link, but congrats for getting lots of great press from for your Hundred Pushups website. That’s truly awesome! ;-)

As of today, the Lifehacker article has gotten 172,301 views & 119 comments - Wow! Talk about some great PR. ;-)

Looks like you’ve started a push-up revolution!


1 comment:

cymrusteve said...

Too kind! Wish I could generate the same traffic for another project I've got going on:

[insert shameless plug]

Keep up the good work on the pushups program!


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