Saturday, July 19, 2008

0 Is She Serious?! If You Have to Ask.....


If you haven't gathered by now, one of the qualities I find completely irresistible in other people is a good sense of humor. I'll take a witty chap over a dull one any day of the week. ;-)

Intelligence, character, honesty, intellectual & emotional depth, & compassion obviously rank very high in my book, but if these qualities aren't tempered with humor, to me they seem to lose a bit of their luster. Or, put another way, wit is the spark that makes the other qualities sparkle. ;-)

It's also the salve that binds. Sorry to say it, kiddies, but that Mary Poppins chick got it all wrong. Humor is the "little bit of sugar that makes the medicine go down." ;-) (And anyhow, too much unrefined sugar can really do you in! LOL.) As Oscar Wilde once famously said, " If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you." ;-) And if those people are laughing, then just maybe they won't bludgeon you over the head for telling them what they need to hear. ;-)

Sure, the early bird might get the worm, & the tortoise often beats the hare, but the cheekiest little monkey acquires more than just another pile of bananas. ;-)

And frankly, if you find yourself taking life or yourself too seriously for too much of the time, you should probably be fined by the "Department of Humor Correction" for being entirely too un-fun, & then carted away to the Department of Humor Analysis at the Humor Research Center for "funny bone" testing. There, you'll be lined up against the wall by the "laugh riot" firing squad, & then be pelted mercilessly with rubber chickens. ;-)

Sure, I can be serious at times, but if you take me or every single one of my posts 100% literally at all times, then you are just missing out on a whole lot of fun. And no, I'm not going to be putting a "humor alert" label on the exact posts which are supposed to be funny, ironic, or tongue-in-cheek, so you'll just have to figure out which ones I'm talking about here. ;-)

Obviously a serious dissertation on nutrition or long-distance race training can still be sprinkled with some amusing anecdotes here & there. Maybe it's just safer to assume that there'll be underlying strain of humor which runs throughout the course of this blog.

There are times you might be wondering,"Is she serious?" If you have to ask, then we're probably not on the same page. Or possibly not even from the same planet. ;-0 My native country is Freedonia, & if you don't know where that is on a map, then I just can't help you, my friend. ;-)

We'll have to bring in the laugh doctor to make it all better.

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