Sunday, July 27, 2008

8 Papa's Got A Brand New Badge......


My friend, Cymrusteve, is one very nice & thoughtful guy. And I'm happy for him that a lot of the good karma he gives to others is coming back to him tenfold! Whoever said that "Nice guys finish last" certainly doesn't know Steve! ;-)

As yet another thoughtful gesture, he just emailed me a spiffy, new "Hundred Pushups" badge, which is for those of us who're still working towards the hundred pushups. So here it is:

Hundred pushups challengers, feel free to post the badge on your site. And while you're at it, please spread the word about the Hundred Pushups program & be sure to give plenty of props to my pal, Cymrusteve.


carla said...

Im pushing upward as well.

it's the challenge I LOVE to HATE :)


cyberpenguin said...

Hahahaha, but you're still doing it! ;-) Good for you!

Running Knitter said...

It's taking me a little longer to get through the push up challenge, but I'm sticking with it! :)

cyberpenguin said...

Hi Running Knitter,
That's great! Keep at it!

It's certainly nice to see more ladies doing the Hundred Pushups Challenge.

BTW, I've just added both you & Carla to the "Hundred Pushups Queens" list/club.

You are now are official fitness royalty. ;-) All hail the Hundred Pushups Queens!


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Is everyone doing real or girl pushups?? I've been gone so much but interested to start this. I'm not sure which way to go...

cymrusteve said...

Nice one Corey! My inbox is full of props, so thanks for your part in this.

MizFit: I often wonder how many people are cursing me as they perform their push ups :)

It's mind blowing to think I've "inspired" so many folks to achieve a new goal.

Keep up the great work everyone and have fun with the badge...


cyberpenguin said...


I'm doing girl pushups, which are perfectly acceptable, according to Cymrusteve. But who knows: Maybe after I do 100 girl pushups, I'll work my way up to 100 regular ones. ;-)

What I recommend is this: Do the pushups test first with regular pushups & see where you rate on the pushups chart. Then try it with girl pushups. Figure out whichever ones you can realistically do one hundred of & then go with that. ;-) (During the initial test, I could barely do 3 regular style pushups, but could manage 20 girl-style ones. So I went with the girl-style pushups. That was a more realistic goal for me. ;-) ) Good luck with your pushups challenge & welcome to the club! 8-)

cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, Steve! That's excellent! Glad to hear that people are sending props your way -- It's well-deserved! I know I've pretty much been telling everyone I can think of about your site (& the benefits of doing the hundred pushups challenge), & I'm encouraging others to do the same.

LOL, regarding your comments addressed to MizFit. ;-)

Yes, I think it's truly fantastic that you as a single individual have inspired so many people to improve themselves. It's very profound how one person can make such a big impact. Makes me wonder what else we can do as individuals, when we join our together to do something for the collective good. ;-) The goals might be individual, but the ripple effect is global. When people change/improve their bodies, their minds change/improve too. And that's the beautiful thing about sports and fitness. You can't NOT be transformed by it. It just takes you to new & exciting places, literally & figuratively speaking.


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