Wednesday, July 16, 2008

0 Please Help Promote on Your Running Blogs


Today's the perfect day to do something nice for someone -- more specifically, for a really nice guy named Ryan Song, who's trying to promote his new social networking site for runners, called -- & it only takes a minute to do.

Here are some simple things you can do to help Ryan grow his website's running community:
(1) Get your blog listed. (That helps both of you!)
(2) Participate in the site's running forums. (Again, good for both of you.)
(3) Blog about his new site.
(4) List his site's URL as a resource on your blog, &/or link to him on your other running/sports-related sites.
(5) Twitter about his new site, &/or post a link on Facebook &/or any other social networking site.

Doing any of the above gestures would be a simple-but-magnanimous way to help. And it'll probably make you feel good too, knowing that you've done something to help someone else out! ('Tis better to give than receive. ;-) ) And I'm sure Ryan would certainly be very appreciative of your efforts! Thanks!


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