Friday, July 4, 2008

0 Run 1, Week 4 (BOHR): A Rainy Fourth of July = A Fast & Furious Treadmill Run!


Start Time: 7:39 pm (5-minute warm-up walk began at 7:34 pm)
Temperature: 70 degrees (Fahrenheit) (Not that it mattered; I was working out indoors! ;-) )
Humidity: 92% (Ditto regarding the above commentary!)
Distance: 3.03 mi (on the treadmill)
Time: 30:01 min
Pace: 9:53 minute-mile
Calories Burned: 316

Happy Fourth of July, Everyone!

I celebrated today's holiday by doing a very appropriate activity..... What else, but running! ;-) And it was a marvelous & very fitting (!) way to signify (& appreciate) what this day means. Running is certainly a beautiful expression of freedom.

And due to tonight's on-again, off-again rainy weather, I expressed that freedom indoors on a treadmill. ;-)

The treadmill reported that I ran somewhere between a 10:20 & 10 minute-mile pace (i.e., I varied the speed for the first 10 minutes, & then did my best to sustain a 10 minute-mile pace for the remainder of the workout), while my Nike+iPod pedometer reported that I ran a 9:53 minute-mile pace on average.

OK, wait. Stop right there just a minute. "Say whaaaaaa?!" "No *&#$%&@ way!"

(If you're suddenly picturing me shaking my head in total disbelief, with the appropriate, accompanying facial expression -- wide eyes, mouth gaping slightly, & hands gesticulating wildly, then your mental picture is eerily accurate. ;-) First of all, I'd like to congratulate you on your preternatural sixth sense, unless you happen to know me personally. Being family or a good friend doesn't count because then you are just cheating. ;-0 )

For some reason, it often seems to rain (or atleast threatens to rain) almost every Fourth of July around here. Regardless, it feels humid here all year round -- In the summer, it's hot & wet, & the winter, it's cold & wet. Maybe it's because this town was built on a swamp. (Now, who's bright idea was that?! I'd really love to know.....)

Speaking of which, several years ago I remember visiting Mount Vernon, (the home of George & Martha Washington), & there was this one section of the museum which displayed very old letters discussing the weather. I remember actually laughing out loud upon reading the correspondence, because it was pathetically apparent that not much had changed in 200+ years. Even in ye olden days, Georgie & his pals had complained of the impossibly wet & squalid summers. Gosh darn those infernally damp, bug-infested swamps! (OK, so I'm not a big fan of the weather around here. That goes without saying.)


A post-workout footnote (written around 9:42 pm tonight): Thankfully, it stopped raining this evening in time for the fireworks, which we could partially see (over the tree tops in the distance) from our place. In order to get a better view, we decided to go to the lake & watch the fireworks from there instead.


Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention earlier, Erik surprised me with the gift of my very own Nike+iPod attachment the other day, to go with my new Nike+ sneaks. Now wasn't that nice of him?! He's always doing generous & kind-hearted stuff like that. Yes, he's a very thoughtful guy!

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