Sunday, July 20, 2008

0 Run 1, Week 6 (BOHR): A Faster Treadmill Run



Start Time:
10:25 pm
Distance: 3.20 mi
Time: 30:10 min
Average Pace: 9:25 min/mi
Calories Burned: 333

It was raining quite furiously after I got home from work tonight, so I headed into the gym to do a treadmill run. I came in there with the full intention of doing my workout immediately upon my arrival & then leaving shortly thereafter. I would've finished my workout in about 40 minutes max. However, the only obstacle to this outcome was an unintentional & quite annoying social interaction that I don't feel like explaining -- Let's just say that I was on the receiving end of a very long, one-sided conversation (i.e., a never-ending monologue from an absolute stranger) that I really didn't want to be part of! (Cringe, cringe.)

I tried to disengage at several points during the never-ending monologue, but the person obviously wasn't getting the hint, nor did they seem to care much to whom they told their story. All he wanted to do was talk to someone -- anyone really -- nonstop. I might've just as well have been a tape recorder. ;-) In fact, I wish I could've just replaced myself with one of those cardboard-poster replicas of myself & made a run for the door. ;-) The poor fellow on the treadmill next to me had been the previous "victim"; I should've paid more attention to the fact that he'd completed his workout in a hurry & had scooted off in a mad dash, as if to escape from literally being kept as a "captive audience." About half-way through, I seriously contemplated walking out while the person (i.e., said source of my annoyance!) was in mid-sentence. This mind-blowingly selfish person obviously made it plain that they didn't care about me, so why should I be emotionally invested in such a person? I'm not typically a rude person, but this individual was serious pushing the limits of civil discourse & my patience! And he was seriously infringing upon my time.

We all (unfortunately!) know or have met people like this. They are negative, unhappy, self-centered, indiscreet, & only care about expressing their own thoughts & emotions at the expense of everybody else's.

This is yet another reason why I prefer running outdoors to indoor/gym workouts; unwanted social interactions can be kept to a minimum because you're not going to slow down to stop & talk! ;-) Plus, if you wear headphones, you can block out the rest of the noise around you & just focus on your workout. Either that, or you can always pretend like you don't hear the noise around you. ;-) (And since I usually don't run on the street & make a point of either running in well-populated areas or with others, the obvious safety issues & concerns surrounding the impact of running with headphones are kept to a minimum.)

Next time, I'm going to walk into the gym with my headphones already on, in order to avoid these sorts of strange & unwelcome interactions! (I don't mind a little bit of light, friendly chat, but some people really need to learn the difference between a brief chat & bending someone's ear to point of almost snapping it off! :-) It's also highly inconsiderate behavior, since the other person was so self-absorbed that they obviously didn't care if I or anyone else in the gym that night finished their workout or not.)

I ended up walking for 45+ minutes instead, waiting for the gym to clear out (Hint, hint! ;-) ), & then doing my 30-minute workout. What a warm-up, eh?! ;-)

The cool-down walk was only a mere 6 minutes, which seemed like a drop in the bucket compared to all of the other time I spent (or rather, wasted!) in the gym tonight, (not counting the actual workout of course!).

(In hindsight, I should've just left the gym & worked out outside; the rain had stopped after about 20 minutes, & it would've been a much more pleasant & cooler experience on multiple levels. ;-) )

Anyhow, despite the above minor inconvenience, I had a great run. I really made a concerted effort to keep my heart rate up for the whole 30 minutes. I kept the speed on the treadmill above 6 for most of the workout, & even ran at 6.2 for about 10 minutes. I gave myself brief recovery periods of a few seconds here & there -- where I dropped the speed down to 5.8 & 5.9, -- however, then I soon pumped up the speed again, back to 6 & above.

OK, well it's now a minute past midnight & I still have yet to do my pushups. OK, here goes...... I'll posting another update very shortly.

Have a great night!

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