Saturday, July 26, 2008

3 Run 1, Week 7 (BOHR): Arrrrgh, I Want My Weekends Back, @#*&$%!!!!



Weather Conditions:
Temp: 81° FHumidity: 56%
Warm-up Walk:Start Time: 9:46 am
Distance: 0.39 miTime: 6:26 minAvg Pace: 16:25 min/miCalories Burned: 40
Start Time:
10:17 pm
Distance: 3.14 miTime: 33:21 minAvg Pace: 10:35 min/miCalories Burned: 327
Cool-down walk:
Start Time: 10:51 pmDistance: 0.14 miTime: 2:59 min
Avg Pace: 20:36 min/miCalories Burned: 15

I left the house around 9:30 am this morning, carrying a few plastic bags of bread down to the lake to feed the ducks & geese, before the start of my run. On the way there, I encountered a friendly senior couple who were grinning very widely at me (i.e., picture the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland & you'll have a close approximation of their facial expressions!). Apparently, I was the source of much amusement to them. Whatever it was, I was clearly doing something incredibly funny, although, at first, I had no idea why. I thought maybe I'd unwittingly walked out of my house with a long train of toilet paper trailing behind me like a tail, possibly attached to my shoe or some other appendage. ;-)

Then, I'd suddenly became conscious of the fact that I was carrying 3 large loaves of bread. ;-)

It must've been a funny sight. I had a large clear plastic bag of hamburger buns, a large half loaf of sourdough (which I ended up discarding due to some large & previously heretofore unnoticed patches of encroaching mold - Yikes!), & some large slices of pita bread. (Clearly, the birds were in for an enormous feast of epic proportions!) Then the lady's smile got even wider as she said, "Feeding the ducks today, are we?!" They asked me a few more questions, so I stopped to chat with them for a brief while; the lady inquired if I'd seen the new duckling at the lake, ("Yes, I had, & it was very cute!", etc., etc. See this blog post to read my comments about that very same duckling....) & I commented upon their little white fluffy dog, who was clearly enjoying himself, as he was rolling in the grass. He was very attached to that grass (ahem, might I add, a little bit too attached, in fact!), & wasn't about to leave it anytime soon. The gentleman started talking about his dog some, & it was clear that they wanted to chat more. Normally, I would've talked longer, as it was a weekend (& most of the universe has weekends off!), but since I have to go into work today & was again pressed for time, I had to politely disengage & go about my way. I wished them a good afternoon, & quickly scuttled off to the lake. I felt badly about having to leave; it must've seen a tad bit abrupt, & it was not my intention to be rude. All the same, I didn't feel the need to explain my situation -- they were friendly strangers & I was in a hurry to complete my workout.

Most people aren't cognizant of other people's schedules that are different from their own. And most people also typically assume everyone else works the same schedule as they do, & they tend to forget about people who work alternate schedules. Now this couple was obviously retired, so they probably weren't thinking any thoughts about anyone's work schedules, whether they were (8 or) 9-5 Monday-Friday, or anything else for that matter! ;-)

Still, had I been working a typical schedule, I would've had the weekend off, & would've had plenty of leisure time to chat, feed the ducks (or do whatever!), & also complete my workout.

I absolutely hate feeling rushed. Sigh.

Anyhow, onto the run. I made sure I was well-hydrated before I'd left the house. I knew it was going to be hot outside today, so I drank about 1/2 a bottle of water before heading out the door. Er, it was a bit too much water. About 3/4 of a lap into my run around the lake, I had to make a pit-stop. ;-) So, of course I paused the Nike+iPod workout & headed to the nearest, open place of business en route. The only problem was when I returned to the trail, the Nike+iPod wouldn't let me resume the current workout, since apparently too much time had elapsed. I was very annoyed at the fact that the Nike+iPod wasn't allowing me to pick up where I left off. After that, I only had two options, "Cancel workout" & "delete workout." Clearly, not what I wanted to do. ;-)

After all, the "Pause workout" button doesn't specify exactly how many minutes can elapse before you need to un-pause it, in order for you to NOT lose your place & still be able to resume your workout.

I wasn't expecting the Nike+iPod to unintentionally end the workout! So that threw me off a bit. I figured at that point, I might as well walk the rest of the lap, & then stretch for a few minutes near the starting point, which is exactly what I did.

I think the extra three quarters of a lap also sapped a bit of my energy, as I was planning on running 4 laps in 30-31 minutes, & had expended a bit of that energy prematurely running the "false starter" lap. ;-) I didn't go into the run with a bad attitude or anything, but all the same, I found that I was feeling rather sluggish through a good bit of the run. Of course, by the time I started up again, it was a bit later in the day, & thus, a bit hotter. However, the air wasn't humid & it was still very pleasant, even if the temperature had risen from 75 degrees to 81 degrees over the span of that hour. (The entire workout took an hour from start to finish, including the walks, stretching, the 33+ minute run, & the extra 3/4 lap).

Yeah, it was hot, it was a bit later than my usual running time, (& as a result I had an empty stomach for a bit too long - i.e., nourishment was needed for more energy!), but I was sufficiently hydrated & initially my energy level was pretty good. So imagine my surprise when I came in on the finish, barely eking out a 33 minute run, which is, in reality, closer to an 11 min/mi pace (!); I don't care what that Nike+iPod says. I've timed this distance before, & I know what the pace breakdowns are by both distance & time. Yes, that's how many times I've run around the lake. ;-)

And, as for the tail end of the workout, I'm going to pretty much ignore the stats for the cool-down walk, because I started walking immediately after the run & forgot to set the timer. By the time I'd remembered I was already several minutes into my walk, & had only timed a few minutes of the whole thing. Part of the reason the Nike+iPod records such slow times for the walk is that I ended up doing several flights of stairs to stretch my legs out even more. ;-)

Anyhow, that's it for today's post. I've got to go hop in the shower & get ready for work.

Have a great afternoon & enjoy the beautiful sunshine! (Hopefully, it's nice & sunny wherever you are. ;-) )


P.S. And enjoy your weekends, you lucky ducks! (While most people surely look forward to the weekends, most people don't pine after them in the same way I currently do. I never really used to think about it off so much before, but now that weekends have become a rare & precious commodity -- I rarely have two days off in a row (let alone two weekend days in a row) -- and I miss them terribly! I want to go back to a normal schedule SO much. It's bugging me to no end. I need a regular schedule; I don't do well without one. Plus, I consider my time-off to be sacred. And when I have to go to work the next day after already working 7 days in a row, I'm frankly going to be a little crabby & resentful about it. Two consecutive days off in a row is so important to have. It's disruptive to have to go back to work the next day, & I typically get far less sleep & time to rest & relax as a result. Sure, we work to have money to live, but I never thought I'd crave weekends like they were chocolate. ;-)


Andrew is getting fit said...

I think most of us take our free time for granted but once it becomes imperiled we quickly realise how precious it really is.

Hope work was enjoyable at least!

cyberpenguin said...

But of course. How right you are!

Thanks for asking: It was in fact, a decent day at work.

So, are you having a good weekend thus far?

cymrusteve said...

"carrying a few plastic bags of bread down to the lake"

thought you'd discovered a new energy product when i read about the bread..

great post!


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