Friday, July 18, 2008

0 Run 3, Week 5 (BOHR): I'm Officially Half-way Thru The Program Now!


Weather Conditions:
Temp: 83° FHumidity: 57%
Warm-up Walk:Start Time: 8:36 am
Distance: 0.39 miTime: 6:01 minAvg Pace: 15:20 min/miCalories Burned: 40
Start Time:
8:43 am
Distance: 3.56 miTime: 38:02 minAvg Pace: 10:39 min/miCalories Burned: 371
Cool-down walk:
Start Time: 9:23 amDistance: 0.36 miTime: 6:01 min
Avg Pace: 16:36 min/miCalories Burned: 37

Whoah, it was a scorcher today. I knew I was in trouble when I got a late start this morning. All I had to do was look outside the window at the very bright sun, & I just knew it was going to be hot outside for this morning's run.

I sprung out of bed at 8 am (I'd forgotten to set my alarm clock the night before, having accidentally fallen asleep on the family room couch), but didn't get moving (i.e., wasn't very functional!) until about 8:15 am. [In my defense, I got home from work around 10:30 pm, so needless to say, I was a bit tired in the AM, & so, was not too eager to drag my carcass out of bed this morning. Let me add that I don't (ever) wake up with any caffeinated stimuli to get me going either. ;-)]

So I didn't get out of the door for my run until 8:30 am. (Ideally, I like to get on the running trail before 8 am.) By that time, the mercury had already risen to 83°F, & it was still well away from mid-afternoon, when the sun's usually the hottest, i.e., at its highest point in the sky. And, on top of that, the temperature is still climbing as I speak; it's supposed to reach 95°F by this afternoon. Uh-oh. It didn't look good.

Plus, admittedly, I was a bit, er, shall we say "less than enthusiastic"?!, about running this morning. ;-) Of course, I grumbled to Erik about not wanting to run this morning, but hey, give me some credit, I did it anyway! ;-)

Well, I dug my heels in & decided that, if it was going to be a hot one today, that I'd be adequately prepared for it. So, I pulled out the brand new running skort that I'd gotten at "Tar-jay," (i.e., the rather mocking, phony French pronunciation that everyone seems to use when referring to "Target." Of course, Target started the whole trend of high-brow designers creating chic-but-affordable items for the masses. OK, so they are basically a much hipper version of places like KMart & Kohl's. But enough fashion analysis, back to the running report..... ;-) ).

I'd originally slapped on my new black Adidas capris, (which I bought at R N J's & absolutely adore!) but then thought, "Well, I really should try the running skort; it'd probably be much cooler than the capris in this weather." Plus, I needed to get some first-hand experience wearing the skort, in order to write my review of it, since, as most of you know, I'd recently posted some very skeptical first impressions about the darned thing; also, I was curious to see if my experience of actually wearing the skort would differ any from those initial ideas.

Would I be a running skort convert?! Well, stay tuned to find out. [You can read my review of the thing as soon as I get the chance to write it (!). I've got to get ready for work soon -- it'll be another late one tonight -- so I don't know when I'll be able to post the review. Hopefully, I'll have time to post it over the next day or two.....]
I also tried out some other new running gear today -- the Nathan Speed 4 Energy Belt that I'd purchased on my previous trip to R N J Sports. The unit has 4 10-oz. flasks; for today's run, I removed all but one bottle in the front. In hindsight, that was probably a mistake, as there wasn't really enough water in that one bottle to get through a hot day like today. By the end of the second lap, I'd realized my error, after becoming exceptionally thirsty & then looking down rather dishearteningly at my 10 oz. bottle that was about three quarters full. However, I decided to sip moderately & conserve water for the remaining two laps still to come. Of course, I made the water last throughout the entire run, so I'd have just enough for the recovery afterwards, but it certainly wasn't enough. Not in the least. I really was craving another bottle by the third & fourth laps!

Since it was my first experience using the thing, I'm sure I'll get better at judging whether it's going to be a 1, 2, 3, or 4 bottle run. ;-) (I know there's also a formula for figuring out that sort of thing; was it on Runner's World or some site like that?! I know I saw it, but just can't remember where. Anyone know the link?! I'll probably look it up later. Anyhow......)

My initial thought when I'd stepped out the door this morning was that I didn't want to be weighed down by too much water. I was worried that the unit was going to jiggle & that the combined effect of the jiggling & the weight of the water would offset my balance. It did take some getting used to the thing, but then after a while it was fine. I've never worn the waist-belt hydration systems before, except for a small ungainly "fanny-pack-esque" kind with a single bottle, that wasn't really designed for running in the first place. (I'd worn that horrible unit out of desperation on a scorching hot day for one of my previous runs, but decided to never repeat the experience after feeling the water bottle bounce excessively as I was running. I must say, it was quite a jolting experience. ;-) After that, it was going to be a waist-belt hydration system, or nothing at all!)

At some point, I'll also post a review of the Nathan unit I bought as well. (On this subject, I'm also curious to try out the Amphipod hydration system, which I don't recall seeing at any of the running shops I visited, but seems to get consistently good reviews. I like Amphipod's bottle release mechanism & the easy way the water spout can be accessed, as well as the way the water valve mechanism can be securely turned on & off. I didn't bother with the Fuel Belt unit, because I didn't like the way it was constructed; the water units looked like they'd be much harder to put back in their stretch-strap holsters, which don't have any structure to them, unlike my current unit.)
Anyhow, I've really got to wrap up this post, do my pushups, & then hop in the shower.

So just a few final quick notes about the run itself: I did fairly well under the circumstances -- I was able to quickly readjust my attitude once I got on the road, & focus, as well as mitigate the effects of the heat by drinking a bottle of water before the run & another 10 oz. bottle during the run itself.

Don't get me wrong, it was still hot as Hades outside. I was of course, very thankful for the shady portions of the lake, which didn't seem to come around nearly as quickly (or as often!) as I would've liked.

There were a few other runners this morning -- or should I say, "masochists"! Hahahaha! I don't count myself among them, because my late start was unintentional; running in this kind of heat is certainly NOT something I seek out, nor do willingly by choice. ;-) ) None of the runners did anywhere near as many laps as me: The most that any of them did -- and it was only one guy -- was two laps; I did about 4 1/2 laps around the lake, so THERE! ;-) So I wasn't going to feel badly at all about any of them passing me. ;-)

On my first lap, there was a cute little, fuzzy white baby duckling by the lake, waddling around near its parents. By the third lap, the duckling was sleeping in a rather cute but awkward pose, as only new ducklings who are just getting used to their limbs can do! Of course, when I first saw the precious little duckling, my first thought was that I wished I'd have brought my mobile phone or digital camera along with me, because I'd have loved to have snapped some photos of the adorable little creature & its "duck family." But my second thought shortly thereafter was, "Wait, if I'd brought along those gadgets, that'd be another few ounces in weight...." And, on a hot day like today, the hydration system was just about all I could manage! ;-)

Of course, the "mama" & "papa" duck were very protective of their offspring, & one of them, most likely the mother duck, hissed at me the first time I passed by. I waved them off, as if to say, "Hiss all you want, it doesn't matter to me." It's not like I was going to get offended by something like that. ;-) Of course, I was more concerned with skirting around the minefield that was their droppings, which was like its own very challenging obstacle course. ;-)

Speaking of amusing observations & oddities, I also noticed something rather unintentionally funny. One of the gardeners was holding the water hose in between his legs as he was watering the flowers this morning. From far away, it looked like... well you get the idea. ;-) (It was like that scene from the third Austin Powers movie.... Those of you who've seen the last one know exactly which scene I'm talking about. ;-) ) I wondered if that gardener realized what (possibly alarming!) effect that might've had on some of the passerbys. ;-)

OK, so I didn't really talk that much about the run itself. ;-) There's not much to say about it except that I definitely felt the heat, but tried to make the best of it & keep pace as best I could. By the final lap, I'd picked up the pace somewhat -- mostly because I thought I should be able to finish atleast 4 1/2 laps around the lake in those 38 minutes. And I didn't want to just melt away into nothing. Plus, I had too much pride to just give up or give in at the end. I was still going to give it my all, even if I was melting in the process. ;-)

Also, one more detail of note: Since July 4th, I've stopped stretching at the half-way point of my runs. Instead, I've used my warm-up & cool-down walks as the stretches, & so far, I've felt perfectly OK. (I do walk a heck of a lot at work, so perhaps that's why I'm typically OK with minimal stretching.) This way, I also get a better sense of my "true" pace for the entire, uninterrupted distance. When I start doing longer distances, then maybe I'll make a point of doing a warm-stretch segment at the half-way point again.

OK, I've really got to hussle out of here, so that's it for today. Yikes, it's already 11:30 am now. Not sure if I'll have time for those pushups or the subsequent post. We'll see......

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