Thursday, July 24, 2008

0 Run 3, Week 6 (BOHR): A Perfect Night For A Run!


Weather Conditions:
Temp: 70° FHumidity: 65%
Warm-up Walk:Start Time: 10:39 pm
Distance: 0.40 miTime: 6:00 minAvg Pace: 14:45 min/miCalories Burned: 42
Start Time:
10:45 pm
Distance: 4.05 miTime: 41:02 minAvg Pace: 10:07 min/miCalories Burned: 421
Cool-down walk:
Start Time: 11:27 pmDistance: 0.57 miTime: 9:00 min
Avg Pace: 15:47 min/miCalories Burned: 59

I ran 5.25 laps tonight, or approximately 4 mi. According to my Nike+iPod stats, I ran the first mile at a pace of 9:52 min/mi, the second in 11:39 min/mi, the third in 9:40 min/mi, & the fourth in 10:09 min/mi, & the last little bit (i.e., 0.05 mi) in 9:56 min/mi. That means my usual distance of 2.96 miles, or 4 laps around the lake, was completed in roughly 31:00 min, or an average pace of 10:28 min/mi (according to my own calculations & not the Nike+iPos pedometer!).]

Although the Nike+iPod pedometer reported that I did an average pace of 10:07 min/mi, I'm continuing to doubt the accuracy of those figures, based on the fact that the math just doesn't add up: If I calculate my pace using the total time in minutes (as recorded by the Nike+iPod, i.e., the only figure that seems to be accurate!) divided by previously established distance measurements (as specified by the lake's property manager himself), which are fairly accurate (i.e., 1 lap = 0.74 mi; 4 laps = 2.96 mi.; 5.25 laps = 3.885 mi), I come up with a much slower average pace of 10:33:43 min/mi for those 5.25 laps. This is the figure I'd rather go with for now, as it looks like my previous data doesn't jive with reality. Common sense tells me that some of the numbers have got to be off. Looks like I'll be recalibrating my Nike+iPod in the near future!

Other observations: I felt really strong during tonight's run. My energy was high throughout the run: Even by the final lap, I still had lots of energy & put in a strong finish.

There were a few reasons why the run went so well: I was well-prepared (i.e., well-hydrated & nourished), it was nighttime & the temperature was perfect for running (temperate, cool, & breezy!), & my body is becoming better conditioned. ;-)

Before heading out for tonight's run, I took some advance precautions: In order to counter the mild initial physical hunger I was feeling, I nibbled on a few grape tomatoes for a natural sugar infusion. I hadn't eaten anything very significant since about 2 pm (aside from a small dried fruit strip around 5 pm!) & was feeling slightly peaked. That helped to boost my energy.

Also, since I didn't want to be weighed down by my Nathan hydration system tonight, I made a point of drinking a 1/2 liter bottle of water before walking out the door for my run. That took care of any potential hydration issues. Of course, on that note, it also helped a great deal that I was running at night, in much cooler temperatures. Night running in cooler temperatures means that there's a lot less water to drink! (A person can go through a lot of water running in the heat & humidity!) No need to load up on all that water like a swishing human water tank!

And finally, it also helped that the weather was perfect: Not only were the cooler temperatures more conducive to running, but they also really lifted my spirits tonight (not that they needed lifting!). It's just that I really enjoy night running in general (so much more so than early morning or early evening runs!), & even more so when the weather's this beautiful! What's not to like!

Have a great night!

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