Saturday, July 5, 2008

4 Running Skirts: Is This Idea Totally Stupid & Impractical Or Cutting Edge & Cool!?


OK, I'm not quite sure what to make of the recent trend of the running skirt. Cute or cloying? Practical or impractical?!

The salesperson I spoke to (a few days ago) at R N J Sports told me that they were a big seller this year. At the time, I found this hard to believe, since a running skirt seemed like a rather odd concept to me. I mean, I used to play tennis at school, & was used to wearing these sorts of things. However, I just couldn't envision wearing them for running. (In fact, when I first saw them, I mistakenly thought they were tennis skirts! After all, the store does also sell tennis apparel.)

OK, so the whole idea of a running skirt just seemed totally weird to me at first, & I'll be honest: From the outset, the idea just didn't appeal to me. Maybe it was the initial case of mistaken identity, but all I could think was, "How can that possibly be comfortable?!" Apparently, a lot of people find them irresistibly feminine & comfortable. So what am I just not getting about this new look?!

Am I the only one thinking about what happens when legs rub together in the hot & humid weather that is a typical DC summer? Hello, has anyone ever heard of chafing?! I mean, without a steady supply of Ben-Gay & absolutely no fabric to cover your inner legs, you've got to have the skinniest stick legs imaginable (like a frickin' flamingo!) to avoid that little problem, & at that, those little suckas better be bowed outward like nobody's business to avoid the worst of it. And even so, I wouldn't want legs that bow outward like that. Très unattractive. I don't want to be mistaken for a grasshopper or a cricket, thank you very much.

And what about other obvious issues: Do these skirts have enough coverage in the obvious areas? What can you do if you're concerned about modesty & avoiding pervs? Are there any obvious restrictions that encumber the wearer?

Also how does one go about choosing the proper undergarments? Or, do these skirts come with built-in underwear? Is it like a tennis skirt, where you need to wear a second, outer layer of special tennis undies with the extra pockets for items like tennis balls, etc.? I mean, I'm sure it's not like you could store a grand piano in there, but have people thought about the practicality issues of running in a skirt?

Also, some of the skirts I saw in the store were rather short, & at my age, I don't know how comfortable I'd feel running in something that looked like a micromini. Maybe they have ones that aren't quite so short & revealing. And the guy from R N J Sports did mention that there were also running skorts. Hmmmm, maybe that'd work better than the skirt idea. After all, no need to accidentally start a forest fire by rubbing one's legs together. ;-) Best not to take chances in this blazing heat & humidity. Who knows, one might suddenly burst into flames after running the first lap. You know, sometimes being a slave to fashion just isn't worth it. ;-)

OK, so maybe it's like the Gertrude Steinism about everyone saying "No" and then all of a sudden saying "Yes." It takes time to adapt to new ideas. I'm just not sure it's a good new idea.

However, since I have yet to try on a running skirt, I'm going to reserve final judgment until I've actually tested them out.

So, ladies, I have one question for you: Would you wear them?! What do you think? If you've tried them, what's your opinion?! Do you think this is a good idea or a buyer-beware type of scenario?! I'd be curious to hear your reasons for why you're pro- or anti-running skirt.....

Guys, you can certainly chime in here too, provided the comments aren't along the lines of "Ooh, what guy doesn't like cute girls in short skirts," etc., etc. I'm not going to publish stuff like that, OK?! There's nothing wrong with appreciating women or female beauty, but let's keep the comments geared more towards "mature, practical evaluation & analysis" & less towards the lascivious. This is not an opportunity to regress to pre-pubescence or to the Bronze Age. ;-)


tootie said...

My non-practical side (the one that used to play tennis) says - so cute! My practical side (that now runs) says - no way!

I'd be willing to look into it, but I can't imagine wearing it for long runs.

Vanilla said...

My wife has a running skirt and she seems to like running in it. As a guy that's about all I can say before my immaturity kicks in. :)

Blaine Moore said...

I can't talk my wife into trying them. She just thinks that they look too stupid and likes her running shorts as is. I think that they look silly as well, but I enjoy watching women run in them.

A lot of the women that I coach that use them are huge fans of them. They think that they are more comfortable than running shorts and can't say enough good things about them.

Personally, I wouldn't wear one. I don't think I'm the target market, though.

Geoff said...

I am amazed at how much blog traffic this topic generates. I think its funny how most women who try them, in turn trade in their shorts. Other women turn away from them because they are too feminine. Yes, skirts are great and I like to see women wear them … I like legs! Nothing complements legs better than a skirt. However, I believe there is a technical side to this issue that’s overlooked. I believe the openness of a running skirt provides a better “updraft” of air. This coupled with the wicking and quick drying properties of the inner and outer layers equates to better moisture control and ventilation, hence, a more comfortable run. So Corey, I do think you need to pursue a more detailed hands-on evaluation of this sensible and practical running gear.

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