Saturday, July 5, 2008

9 Running Skort, Take One......


OK, I just couldn't resist. I had to see what all of the fuss was about. So, tonight after work, I went to my local Target & purchased a running skort.

If you're curious to know which one I got, the exact product name is the C9 by Champion® Half-Zip Running Skort. (And, as you can see from the link, it's available at Target's online store.) The skort is navy blue & has a zipper. It's basically a skirt with bike tights underneath. It's very plain.

It's also kind of short, i.e., about 6 inches above the knee. Yikes! The only reason I opted for the shorter one is because I couldn't find a longer one in my size that I liked. Truth be told, the longer ones were actually slightly dowdy looking, believe it or not.

So even though I'm not exactly a spring chicken, I still look about 10-15 years younger than my biological age, which should hopefully help me avoid looking like mutton dressed as lamb in this thing. ;-)

I also appear to be in between sizes right now, which is kind of annoying -- The XS is a tad bit too small, but yet the S is a bit too loose. (Maybe these things typically run big?! Most other things I've bought in the C9 Champion line seem to run pretty true to size. Weird, huh?!) Anyhow, I went with the size S because it's not my intent to look like a hoochie mama. While I'm not exactly the shy wallflower type, I certainly don't want that sort of attention!

Due to the style & length of this skirt, I've already determined that I'll be first testing it out in the wee hours of the morning, i.e., before most of humanity on the western hemisphere is awake. That way, I don't have to worry about creepy stares when I go to work out in the thing. The other option is that I could just wear it on the treadmill at that hour & most likely avoid being seen by any living soul. ;-)

Of course, I have yet to try it out, but will of course post my impressions as soon as I take it for a spin. I'm not exactly sure when that'll be. First, I've got to work up the nerve to put it on & step outside of my house! ;-)


Of course, a big reason why I purchased the skort in the first place was that I was very curious to see what it was like. And since none of my friends & family (or atleast none that I know of!) have purchased/worn one yet, there was literally no trusted, shared pool of data on the thing, so it was up to me to do the investigating.

Sure, I've read some general articles on the web from people who've worn them, but in this case, I'm more apt to trust other female runners I actually know & trust (or with which I am atleast very familiar via their blogs, running articles & other forms of media communications!), whose opinions I value & innately understand. The issue is actually not so much whether or not I intimately know someone well or not, but rather how much weight I give their feedback, based on prior connections & communications. Now of course these individuals don't have to share the exact same fashion sense as me, but I'd rather get feedback from particular people who have the same high standards & similarly require that a garment be both practical, flattering, & stylish, & of course, fit like a dream.

And since no one I knew was brave enough to take the plunge, I had to check out the trend for myself, first-hand.

Now, I'm not the type of person where I need to be the first one on my block to own this or that fancy toy, thing, or trendy item, but I just had to try it because no one else I know has worn it yet, & thus has been unable to provide useful, first-hand information about the item.

And likewise, it looks like I will probably be the first of my peers to post a review on the garment. But that's not exactly out of choice. I'd much prefer to hear feedback first, & then decide whether or not it's a trend in which I want to participate. ;-)

So, if you're curious to know my opinions of the running skirt, you're welcome to check back here for the (upcoming) review......



Andrew is getting fit said...


kchealy said...

The comfort of these differs quite a bit depending on the brand. I have one that I absolutely love, and 1 I really don't like at all because the inner shorts don't stay in place.

TexasTesla said...

I'm really curious about how they work too. Saw a runner at my recent Livestrong in them, and she loved her running skirt - almost made me curious enough to buy one. If you like yours, that might be enough to seal the deal!

cymrusteve said...

So, did you see the big article in this month's Runners World magazine?

Might be worth checking out....

K. Stone said...

I think they are great! Modest, but also functional.

K. Stone said...

which article, Steve?

cymrusteve said...

page 71 of runner's world, august '08 - "the rise of the skirt culture"...includes 16 product reviews...

K. Stone said...

Thanks Steve! I like to think I "invented" running/(walking) in a skirt! :)

K. Stone said...

Corey - did I email you already about whether you'd like to review my ebook, "The Secrets to a Healthy Life?" If so, let me know. You can email me at:
agentsully (at)

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