Sunday, July 27, 2008

0 Weigh-In: Up in Weight, Down in Body Fat


Erik's just told me that he's not going to even bother rolling his eyes around at me anymore, because it's only been two days since I last weighed myself & already I'm back on the scale again. ;-)

Some people might call this obsession, but it's actually not. I swear! I'd rather call it "eagerness to reach my (body fat percentage) goals." ;-)

But before you think I'm some obsessive weight-centric nut, I'd like to say that I really do not care a fig about number the scale reports when it comes to body weight. All I care about is the body fat measurement, thank you very much.

In fact, I've gained 0.6 lbs, but have lost 0.4 BF%. And I'm simply ecstatic! SO THERE! ;-)

Let me add that one of the reasons for this feeling of elation is that I also had a sizeable bowl of ice cream last night as a treat to beat the heat (whoah, I'm a triple threat rhymer! Who knew?! ;-) ) & it still didn't matter -- I dropped body fat.

So for all of those people who obsess over what they eat, this is just yet another illustration to show that just one bowl of ice cream isn't going to make you gain body fat. ;-) Of course, it what's you do over the long term that truly affects your health & your body fat percentage.

Next up, some more pushups.......

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